#100 Ten Walls

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The 100th podcast, WOW!!! First, we really want to say massive THANKS to all our followers and who listen to our podcasts. We would not have done all of it without you! For this occasion, we have special guest and for us it’s an honour to have him on board!
Please welcome Marijus Adomaitis who is Lithuanian music producer, music author and DJ. He mainly creates electronica, experimental, house, disco. Marijus is working on his projects: Ten Walls, Mario Basanov and newly born Hindemit.

As a Ten Walls he released his debut EP “Gotham” back in May 2013 through “Innervisions”. It was followed by “Requiem” in December of the same year through Italian electronic music label “Life And Death”. In September 2014 Marijus smashed the release of “Walking with Elephants” which made to the tops of UK Singles Chart. Following year in 2015 he released a single named “Sparta”. In 2016 Marijus created a company named “Runemark” and released another big hit “Italo”. Ten Walls worked on multiple projects, remixes, collaborations etc. Year 2017 – Ten Walls released a double album “Queen”. In 2020 Marijus released an album “Lights For The Dreams” for his Ten Walls project. Ten Walls recently at the end of 2020 released an EP “U Turn” through the label “Click Records”.
Marijus’ dream came true. Ten Walls made a collaboration with Lithuanian Symphony Orchestra. The project named “Symphony” gathered his fans across Lithuania to hear his own music performed by the orchestra. There will be more surprises regarding this project very soon.

One of the most interesting experiences that Marijus had during the pandemic was to create music for the videogame Moonray. Ten Walls has lots of news for his fans. Spending all his time into the studio turned out his productivity into many upcoming tracks and collaborations. Stay tuned and enjoy the 100th podcast from Ten Walls.
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01. Robag Wruhme – Yes
02. Johnbox, SaxDiclar, Danilo Percu – Tribuná (Tom Ellis Remix)
03. Ron Costa – Parega
04. Henrik Schwarz – Omnibus (Ten Walls Edit)
05. deadmau5 & Kiesza – Bridged By A Lightwave (Alternative Mix)
06. Tycho – Easy
07. Deetron – Ego Rave B
08. Rafael Moraes feat. Capitol A – One Shot (Yoruba Soul Mix)
09. Hindemit & Verene Andronikof – Sacrament (Ten Walls Remix)
10. Ten Walls – Empire
11. Feinheitsbrei – Blurred Mind (Lee Jones Remix)
12. Luke Garcia – Barun

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