A Voyage of Spirits by ShAnkAri VOS 087 (10k followers edition)

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VOS 087 – 10k followers edition
We feel blessed to have reached 10k followers and 1 million plays at the same time. Thank you for the continuous support – we would be nothing without you!

For this special milestone, we have a gem of a voyage steered by magician ShAnkAri. It is a voyage of mystical vibrations that provide access to levels of communication that language cannot reach, and its healing power is infinite.

Connect with the artist:
Soundcloud: @anneaude-bonnet

Connect with Melody Lab:
Soundcloud: @labofgrooves
Instagram: instagram.com/melodylabtv
Facebook: fb.com/labofgrooves
Mail: contact@melodylabtv.com
Linktree: linktr.ee/melodylabtv

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