Andre Mayborn

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Andre Mayborn is an international DJ, visionary producer & storyteller experimenting with downtempo, organic & melodic house genres. His music reflects diverse ethnic themes from cultures all over the world that combine hypnotic grooves of African tribes, upbeat Balkan fusions, rhythmic ensembles of the Middle East, meditative chants of Asian temples, Indian shamanism and mystic Slavic folklore. 

Filled with innovative crispy textures and infused organic elements, Andre’s music creates a truly immersive flow that takes the audience on a spiritual journey into the world guiding their imagination through mysterious times and places, triggering deep emotions and thoughts, inspiring relaxation and reconnection with yourself. Each live performance offers a meditative experience and shares an aesthetic interpretation of diverse cultural repercussions with their sacred messages seen from a contemporary perspective. 

Andre is a co-founder and resident at AnimaTerra Festival, a global events concept & platform for self-expression which is aimed to promote multicultural electronic & organic house music, visual & performing arts through engaging creative communities and musical talents all around the world. Humbled to have played in top destinations of Moscow and Dubai, he shared the stage with talented international acts such as El Mundo & Zazou, Robbie Akbal, Zuma Dionys, Dandara, AIWAA, San Miguel, Jota Karloza, Just Emma, Timboletti, Tebra, Temple Tears and others.


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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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