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AorMos started out as a DJ when he was 15 years old and has enjoyed playing electronic music for over three decades. At first he played the sounds closest to the underground scene in many clubs and discos in Spanish territory, to make the leap to the Minimal sound at the end of 2000.
From that year on he became interested in all aspects of Techno, from its purest roots, wounding the most melodic vibrations, deep sounds and progressive aspects, but always looking at producers and record labels that offer great quality in their productions.
Since April 2016 he has been running his radio show “Modulating the air” on

Aormos always stands out within the progressive and melodic techno sound, with high-level music and sessions, the quality of both the music and the sets leave it without a doubt at the top. His way of DJing is always clean and exciting, creating an atmosphere that surrounds you in the mix from start to finish, telling an exciting and always surprising story, being today a benchmark in the style.
Without a doubt, Aormos is synonymous with quality, a safe bet to keep in mind.

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