Aura Jade

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DJing since 2014, @Aura_Jade is a multifaceted artist based in Québec, Canada, who loves floating between genres depending on her mood.

Her taste in music includes organic house, progressive, melodic, deep house and downtempo. As Aura.Jade moves through evolving vibes in her musical journeys, she could have you navigating through an array of emotions.

Delving into the healing arts, Aura.Jade also works her magic through her sounds in elemental ecstatic dance journeys, facilitating Cacao ceremonies and astrology. She often creates events weaving all of her loves and talents together.

Her gemini sun makes her very curious and playful, sometimes diving into polarities. Her Virgo rising speaks to her healer side and how detail-oriented she is. Her Sagittarius moon creates the need for freedom and the need to question her beliefs and seek adventure through music, travel and experimenting.


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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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