The Karismatik Podkast 60 – eRRant

@errant_music is a duo formed by @luhonemusic and @francesco-de-simone-desi, who are from different parts of Italy, and are…

I AM BOHO by Larsiø

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No Bullshit Talk with Volzigt 

Volzigt moves in Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife, where he is one of the founding fathers of Obscure…

Akasatki for The DownPitchers (01.06.22)

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Take A Girl’s Breath Away Tiered Dress

I’m thinking main character energy only with this gorgeous dress. She's been taking our breath away…

PREMIERE: Eli David – Rago (Original Mix) [Chrom Recordings]

Another milestone on Chrom Recordings: the 10th volume of our infamous Chromologic Sampler! Same concept as…

The Karismatik Podkast 59 – DANTE

Driven by the endless depths of the power of sound, whether producing or DJing, DANTE’s vision…


Carolina Mond (MØND) with more than 10 years in the music and entertainment industry has participated…


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The DownPitchers welcome : fid codo

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