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PREMIERE: Frannz – Tantra (Original Mix) [Chrom Recordings]

Young Spanish artist Frannz makes his Chrom debut with a 3-track EP called "Tantor". Frannz released…

THE MAGICAL HOUR by Nowananda (15.05.22)

Conceived as a partnership FunctionFM/Casa Caos Records/ȡȷ ShⱯnkAri, THE MⱭGICⱭL HOUR is aired every Sunday on…

They Are Not Telling Us Something! What Was The REAL Reason?!

What do you think?

The Karismatik Podkast 58 – Dawn Sight

From spiritually infused downtempo to ecstatic organic house and hammering dark disco, @dawnsight's musical tales mix…

Neo 2.0 – Storytelling by ShAnkAri

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ShAnkAri’s Sounds of the Week (09.05.22-15.05.22)

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PREMIERE: funkenschleuder – Nanguita’s Lyrical Splash (featuring Nidia Gongora & Another Channel)

A down & off beat homage to Nidia Gongora!

GUEST MIX #9 – DJ Shankari

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Chris Tiebo

Chris Tiebo likes to share his music while being in the moment: various styles from Deep…