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Its been a little quiet here recently, but we are happy to reconnect through this beautiful journey Urem has created for us all.

Looking over the valley of sound, where the skies are flavoured with darkness and sprinkled with the mists of new beginnings, the trees give their thanks as the winter of shedding and death comes to an end and the promise of new life sprouts on their tops. The Earth beneath you rumbles and invites you to dance upon her, the birds call in your morning and welcome you into the Spring of your inner World.

Urem has put together this juicy set, including two of his own tracks, soon to be released. We really Love this remix of Überhaput und Ausserdem – Gold Standard which is beautifully blended by Just Emma and himself.

His journey takes you from the darkness and depth of the valley through the tree tops, into the ever changing sky of relief and happiness, celebrating his inner journey in life and being met in the clouds with the nourishment of music. Blown by the holding , gift and expression sound carries.

We hope this finds you on your journey too and remember, the direction is yours to choose. Be it up, or down. We will meet there.

Artist: @urem
Artwork: @pacayapacaya

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