Chrom Radio Show Chapter 59: Jickow (November 2021) – Hosted by Pedro Mercado

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Chrom Recordings Radio Show, Hosted by Pedro Mercado – Chapter 59 (November 2021)

Guest Mix by Jickow:

1. Jickow – Mono No Aware [Chrom Recordings]
2. Jickow – Space Of Broken Heart [Deep House Belgium]
3. Timo Maas & Rottler – Utopie [Stripped Down Records]
4. Klaudius – New Beginning (Nico P Remix) [Deep House Belgium]
5. Carlo Whale – Inner Self [New Tab Music]
6. Kamilo Sanclemente – Blue Triangle [Skanda]
7. Jickow – Suspended Body (Pedro Mercado Remix) [Light Side Music Techno]
8. AquAdro – Nuwa [Astral Rec]
9. Eleven Of July – Dream Within A Dream [Eat My Hat Music]
10. Jickow – Dry Haze [Chrom Recordings]
11. Jickow – The Black Swan [Pursuit Recordings]
12. Scala – Spring Wings (ANII Remix) [Dessert]

Current broadcasting schedule of our Chrom Radio Show:
– every 1st Friday of the month on DanceTunes Radio (23-24 H CET)
– every 2nd Tuesday of the month on Proton Radio (07-08 H CET)

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