Coralie Llie

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One might wonder how it is that Coralie has so many gigs under her belt since she only started DJ’ing in April 2022. The truth is, Coralie is no stranger to music. In fact, they’ve been bonded since she was a child. Not only was her household constantly filled with a comprehensive, contrasting spectrum of classical music from her Mother, and Woodstock sounds from her Father, such as Janis Joplin and Jimmie Hendrix; but since the age of 9, Coralie discovered she could sing.

Her voice took her around Europe and Canada, where she would be the lead singer of blues bands, gospel choirs, operas and singing duets with Henrico Macias. Song writing closely followed at 16, where she would write and produce songs for herself and other artists – eventually leading her to run her own record label, Cocopipes International records.

Interestingly, Coralie doesn’t read music. She would sing the parts her musicians would have to play, using only her ear to guide her. With this detailed ability to listen, it’s really no surprise that this translates into her DJ’ing. Coralie truly thinks about every sound, every layer, every beat. How does it contribute to the feeling? What part of the picture does this paint?

Often referred to as ’a thousand candles in the dark’, Coralie allows you a kind of freedom to explore forbidden lands. It’s inviting. She’ll hold your hand and keep your seatbelt fastened with an underlying driving beat, while taking you on a ride by surprising you with a mix of genres – from organic house, downtempo, indie dance, progressive, to afro and tech house. A bit like her unconventional DJ journey, she’s unconventional in what she experiments with. She’s not afraid. And in her being not afraid, you’re not afraid either.

With the encouragement to step in and explore the forbidden, there’s a freedom and a safety to be sexy. To FEEL sexy. A strong feminine power weaves throughout her music – sensual, tender, and primal.  And so, we are drawn in to a divine, strong, and mystifying presence, where we really feel the feels. We’re left with no choice but to love ourselves.

We suppose then, when you think about it, it’s not really any wonder at all that since she took stage to the decks, that she’s been booked on back-to-back parties ever since. 

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