Dominik Steffan @ Zukunftshof Wien • 30 Trips around the Sun • All Night Long • 24.02.2023

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“If you play music with passion, love and honesty, then it will nourish your soul, heal your wounds and make your life worth living. Music is its own reward.” True words from Sting here…

Got an invitation from Strangers I didn’t know to play at a venue I also didn’t know…Well what can I say the Music connected us and we were able to enjoy a Night full of music, love, dance and deep experiences…by the way the “Strangers” are no Strangers any more :)!

Gratefully the whole musical journey was recorded and so we can listen to it again and again.

Private Event @kosmos-kuriosum im Zukunftshof Wien. Was very special! Thanks for the invitation @natalie-zok, @mikaz88 @michauu-1 , stöff & korenski <3! | Don’t forget your towel 😉

All Night Long | 30 Trips around the Sun | Zukunftshof Vienna 24.02.2023 – have fun & share if you feel like it – NoThingness – Just Trust <3!

300 Days Soundcloud Channel Promotion
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