Festival Talk – Lamagatall Cultural – Barcelona, Spain

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By Felipe Nadeau aka @elextravagante from @CosmovisionRecords

When love is the main inspiration of our actions is when the result shines and turns unique, it’s  when as humans we approach perfection, in the world of arts and music especially, people who love what they do have this special magic, this aura of cosmic beauty, in a way.

Since my arrival in Europe (in the terrible 2021), I have been discovering the scene of this continent full of surprises. To my luck, I discovered this group of creators on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​Lamagatall Cultural in Saint Celoni, who have managed to create a community of artists and collaborators from all areas in a dreamt space, an old hotel in the middle of nature, surrounded by endless flowers, forests and minutes away from the mediterranean beach, creating a multicultural meeting full of talent and above all, a lot of love and a sense of community. Each element shines with its own light, from the young man who serves a drink with a big smile, through the local gentleman who proudly (and almost like a stage in itself) cooks us a great Spanish paella live, plus the professionalism of those who are in charge of the logistics of the festival. Everything works like a classical symphony, where each note has its perfect space and is complemented by the other to finally create a great music masterpiece. 

In terms of music, the number of electronic festivals in Europe is interesting, however it is easy to fall into the monotony of the predictable, into the ease of Beatport’s Top 100 or the security of betting on common music venues where everyone is betting, that’s why it’s refreshing to find a Downtempo festival with also a space for Folktronics and world music. Here I highlight the work of the Spanish Castora Herz, an Iberian Folktrónica project with an audiovisual show full of magic, also Nasiri’s live that lives in the mystery and rich sound of the Middle East, plus the participation of various notable actors of this scene such as Alejandro from Around the World in 80 songs, Kacique from Guacamayo Tropical, the tribe from Ritmo Nativo BCN, plus a big super star line up like: Carla Valenti, Miret, Granha from Lamagatall himself, yours truly here El Extravagante from Cosmovision Records, plus several other acquaintances from the European scene like J Patterson, Rafael Aragon, Alma Linda, Judith Van Waterkant from Fusion Festival Berlin, etc…

All this also on a human scale, a place where you can meet and chat with people during the festival, without getting lost in an infinite mass of people that you will never see again.

Recently I was talking with a well-known owner of a downtempo label and he told me “I don’t know what you mean by working for the scene, good luck with that”, and I understood that of course, not everyone understands this concept, in a world of ” save yourself who can¨ it is no longer common to create a scene from a collective and community sense (as were House/Techno in its beginnings). However, it is necessary to understand it to grow, work for our scene and support these projects; each record label, each music portal (such as Planet Ibiza or Club Chromatica) and of course, festivals of this style such as Lamagatall, which are ultimately the greatest contributions to generating a community that goes beyond “internet music”, but to advance to be able to meet and enjoy live this movement and beautiful proposal full of colors, talent and above all, infinite love for what is done.

Be careful, in October it will be the last version of Lamagatall 2022 with more surprises and in this place totally dreamed of, get your tickets now at:


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