I AM BOHO – Special Edition by Findus Draumur

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๐—œ ๐—”๐—  ๐—•๐—ข๐—›๐—ข – Special Edition by Findus Draumur

Draumur, (the dream, Icelandic)
/หˆtrรธyหmสrฬฅ /

In darkness the dream unravels.
Departing from the old world, to create something new and elusive. With an exterior that may be
rough and rugged, the dream, ever so gently, is still set ablaze. Uplifted, it slowly ascends,
caressed by the rapidly moving flames. All the while lingering between being awake and wide
asleep. Energetic, yet soft in nature. It is born. A haven. An enclave. Where the dreams are closest
to us.

1) Jacob Groening – Ladok
2) Deep ร„ndi feat. Max Erasmus – Geismar
3) 9EYE – Loco Pilot (Harro Triptrap Remix)
4) Metatext & Karhua – Lungern (Original Mix)
5) Manski – Mรถwen im Wind (Deep ร„ndi Remix)
6) Lui Mafuta – One More Time (Planet Caravan Remix)
7) Riyoon & Dan Buri – Chakra Yam
8) Eelke Kleijn – Midnight Affair (Samaha Slow Edit)
9) Deisen – Many Moons
10) Dan Bay – Schwarzer Tee
11) รœberhaupt & AuรŸerdem – Settling (Original Mix)
12) MONKYMAN – Eminem – Without me (MONKYMAN Cover)

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