Real Talk – Interview with Hajna

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Hajna, one of Cosmovision Records flagship artists has just released another album, inspired in the ancient Greek tradition of the the Eleusinian Mysteries, Hajna dives deep into a mysterious journey of sounds, legends and a touch of psychedelia.

1.- For those who don’t know you, in 5 lines, who is Hajna?

  I’m a french multi-instrumentalist and producer. I started playing piano at the age of 6 and have never stopped making music since then. I grew up in Paris where I was born but for 5 years now I’ve been living in Toulouse. I’m also a filmmaker, music was more of a hobby at first, then it started getting serious with the growing success of the track Miniyamba that we recorded and produced with Yeahman and Mina Shankha in my newly founded studio in Toulouse. The next big step was my first album Naacals on Cosmovision.

2.- Tell us how these last years of confinement have treated you. What has become of you after your first 2 albums with Cosmovision Records?

 Fairly good, considering the situation,I spent the lockdowns in my studio working on my craft and the year 2021 to work on the album and enhance my setup and build an analog mastering studio : Blue Opal Studio.  It was quite the adventure and it’s only the beginning.

3.- Tell us briefly about what the mysteries of Eleusis are about and why did you choose this concept for your album?

 To be honest, it was one of those nights where I was wandering on youtube and stumbled upon a video about the Eleusis mysteries. I knew right away I had to do something about this story. It has a strong mystic vibe and I was very intrigued by it so I started doing research on how it was taking place, what was the meaning of it, who was the Hierophant, what was the Kykeon ?

I always liked the initiatory concept and wanted to provide for the listener the same kind of process through the story driven music.

4.- How is this album different from your previous works?

 I would not say it’s different, but more like a continuity of my previous work. Naacals was already a concept album but maybe more subtle and less direct in its storytelling. It may sound cliché but I’m really fond of progressive rock like Pink Floyd and story driven albums like Dark Side of the Moon and the Wall were major influences so I wanted to go further in this direction and create an almost cinematic experience.

5.- What were the musical tools you used to develop it?

 I mostly use Ableton for producing and mixing, and Wavelab for mastering. I recorded all the guitars ,ukulele, synths (mostly minilogue xd, Diva and Omnisphere ). I also did a lot of percussive samples myself, strange noises and textures. I’ve recorded all using my TLM 102 mic, and the converters of the Antelope Pure 2 for the final prints.

6.- Would you like to make an album of Remixes again?, after the great success of the Naacals album?, if so, which remixers would you like to have?

 I was really happy with the Naacals Remix album. I want to thank again all the amazing producers that worked on it. It’s always incredible to have another artist transcribe your work into something new. I feel very honored, and yes I’d love to have my new tracks remixed by anyone interested. This is an open invitation:)

7.- What did the oracle say for the future in Hajna’s Music?

 The oracle told me a lot of good stuff. There’s already a new and beautiful EP coming in collaboration with Mina Shankha that will also be released on Cosmovision Records and lots of new tracks and collabs are soon to be announced. I’m also planning to work more on mastering for other’s music as I’m very passionate about it and also maybe start a special live show.

8.- Final words for your fans, friends and music colleagues.

 Thanks a lot for all the support and feedback. It’s amazing I feel really blessed and grateful it motivates me a lot for making more and more music.

We invite you to discover this awesome piece of art, free to download through bandcamp and be sure to share it with your friends, enjoy!

By Felipe Nadeau.

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