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AUTHOR: Shankari

Five years ago in our 17th edition of this current podcast, we hosted the French DJ and musiclover Anne Aude. At that time she’s only starting DJing, now the literature & philosophy teacher French uses the alias ShAnkAri — her ghost, a spectrum that she embodies her experiences while composing mixes which include music from everywhere.

Now, after one hundred eight editions, applying her hyperactive style/selection, ShAnkAri goes further in this 198th edition, over 62 minutes the DJ enchantes an extra-relaxing session, full of energy, positivity and high-flying intentions.

Soundcloud\ @anneaude-bonnet

01\ P.r.Λ.Λ.H & Steffen Kirchhoff feat. Luna — Urban Birds
02\ KAALMA — ailleurs
03\ Augenstein — Slowgan (Dolph Remix)
04\ Dvniel — Lluvia
05\ Aïne — Arrow of Time
06\ Landegaard — Dead Cat Bounce
07\ Apaj — Seed
08\ jugurtha — Le jardin des Houris
09\ Antaares — Sensativas
10\ Augenstein — I Wrecked (Daniel Imhof Remix)
11\ Gogi — The Birth

ShAnkAri on Soundcloud

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