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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion

I was Born in Bogota Colombia! moved to California in 1997. I have sung opera as a tenor since I was little and sang in the choir of my high school and university also as a tenor. I began my love for electronic music in 1996 and began building a library of electronic music in 2001. I was a DJ of Colombian music for more than 8 years and played at Colombian independence day parties and bars. In 2016, I decided to begin learning how to DJ electronic music and in 2019 I began making sets and posting them in SoundCloud. I love mixing downtempo, organic house, lofi disco, lofi house, minimal, disco and dark disco together! 

I have a passion for baseball too! My favorite team is the San Francisco Giants!! I have a discord server called SF Giants Hangout and I am a moderator at a very popular youtube channel called Humm baby baseball. I talk about baseball all day long!! heeheheh

BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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