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Jockkie (real name: Jock) is an producer, dj & digital artist coming from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Jockkie is always optimistic, down to earth and out of the box thinking. He can be wild and stormy, but also peaceful and calm in the eye of the storm, like his personality, productions and style.
Born in 1986, Jockkie has grown up with Suriname root music, Jazz, RnB and other electronic music. He has closely being involved in the growing music culture by working at some clubs in Rotterdam and did some b2b’s gigs in his youth.
Jockkie found his love for music back in the melodic techno and started a weekly mixtape, called Chimére radioshow, on his SoundCloud & Inprogressradio. His mission with the radioshow is to close the gap between upcoming talents and well known artists in the melodic techno scene.
Since then his name is growing and being respected, because he is trying to take everyone in his journey. Next to being part of the DHA community, he is also working on his concept: 
PROJECT: Chimère
Closing the gap between melodic techno, art, nature, technology & mindset.

Jockkie on Soundcloud

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