Kapoor & Hvitling – The Odyssey (Album)

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A1: 1985
A2: Nightfall
B1: Eldingar
B2: Predator/Prey
C1: Vox Diaboli
C2: The Wolf You Feed
D1: Vox Angeli
D2: This is the End

Artist: Kapoor & Hvitling
Title: The Odyssey
Label: Akumandra
Cat-No: AK004
Format: 2 x 12” Vinyl + Digital
Release Date: May 20th 2021
Artwork: Diego Cíntora & Eli Sopcich

Kapoor and Hvitling’s first album, The Odyssey, is monumental. It boasts eight tracks that are generous in terms of length and sophistication. Each has a distinctive feel and predominant mood, balancing intricate sonic arrangements with dynamic and rhythmically pleasant beats. Yet certain ethereal sound textures and melodies make the tracks echo each other, creating a sense of journeying through uncharted waters. Masterfully produced female vocal synths become spectral presences in several tracks, most notably in Vox Diaboli and Vox Angeli. In the former, seductive whispers hiss a rhymed incantation, creating a delightfully spooky atmosphere; while the latter lures the listener into sacred ecstasy with a combination of vibrant synths pristinely arranged with a string orchestra and LFO female vocals. Akumandra’s fourth official vinyl release stays true to its multicultural essence, adding this young Polish and Swedish producer duo to their vinyl catalog.

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