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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion

Born in Germany. Leorion grew up with hip hop beats, jams and freestyle-sessions back Home.
He fell in deeper love with elektronical Musik by doing Arts and of course having tons of fun by
dancing. He got inspired to start mixing his own Music and discovered the similiarity to other kind
of Arts. About piking tasty Soundz to built up something new and create a spezial vibe. Mixing
electronical Musik became his new passion.
He took part into a local DJ-kollektive creating their own parties and floors on festivals for
electrincal Musik. Also received great influence by playing professionell in various Clubs and
@Fesitvals. In 2015 he did a little trip to Newzealand to share styles and vibes overseas.
Over there he startet creating his own Sounds and Tracks. That opened up another deeper view into
the fantastic Universe of producing Musik. He got in touch and influenced by other Musicians.
By now he landed with flowfull- melodic- ambient organic Downbeat Sessions. Very ecxiting what
comes up next.
Leorion does have a hermanizing taste of musik. He is mixing slow but always driving, pumping
beats and melodies to drift away by Dancing. His passion is mixing playful and powerful,
downbeat, organic- afrohouse, slow tech, eternal, dramatic dance for the good vibe on the Floor.



BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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