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LeSuri is a young djane from Chemnitz in Germany who found her way to djing at the age of 15. Her undiscovered passion quickly revealed and she got in touch with the variety of music. Her first gigs were in local clubs and bars until, after a year, she started playing all over Saxony and finally sometimes a little further away.

Stricken by unique melodies and good flows, she dives into unknown musical worlds and finds a home in every sound. You will be taken on an electronic journey from smooth house with melodies for heart and soul, to driving progressive techno, where you can dance hypnotically and simply feel free.

LeSuri combines the most diverse colours of music and enchants the people on the floor into a light-filled family. The moments when she connects with her listeners are what touches her soul and makes her believe in the magic of music. So the feeling comes first, to feel the incredible energy of love for music.

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