Lost Technology of Ancient Machining

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Hey guys, today I am going to show you this statue in an ancient temple. This is a giant statue, more than 7 feet tall, but do you see what the problem is? Look carefully, is anything out of place? There are tiny ridges, curves all over the face and the body of the statue. Look carefully, they are not straight lines, they are not circles, they are smooth, shallow curves, all over him. At least on his face, there is only one center point for these curves, but look at his chest. On his left side, it curves in one direction, on the right side, it is curving in another way, and the abdomen has a different set of curves. And you may ask, is it really hard to do these curves? It is not hard, it’s impossible, unless we use computerized machines like CNC machines. Let me explain. To cut or carve anything, I have to use a tool harder than the Object that needs to be cut. This should be easy to understand, why I am able to cut butter with a plastic knife or fork, but I can’t cut metal with a plastic knife. Simply because Butter is less hard, plastic is harder, and metal is even harder…

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