Mandruvá – The scariest movie is human life [Bandcamp Exclusive]

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As a lover and appreciator of the Horror and Suspense genre in movies and books, I grew up seeing many things in these works that caught my attention and caused a strangely pleasurable feeling. All my life I have also seen these things happen in real life, many times more brutally, but the feeling was not the same. That shiver, that tension and that moment caused by reading or by a fictitious interpretation was not produced in my body, but a feeling of anguish and anger. Anger for sharing the same space and being of the same species as the one who performs such actions.
The last 3 years we’ve had atypical years of our lives, and throughout that process I poured that into music, creating this album. I can say that it was an “emotional masochism”. I read stories, watched movies (based on real events or not), looked for things I hadn’t looked for and listened to various news. In addition to observing the world around, as usual. With that, I saw even more the capacity of the human being to be, at the very least, complicated.
It is not necessary to list or point out all the problems that human beings are capable of being and doing with their peers and with everything around them. We all know. And we don’t know everything, as we are always surprised by the insanity of the mind, putting ourselves in situations that were previously unimaginable.
No triggers and no more stimuli: the scariest movie is human life.


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