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Carolina Mond (MØND) with more than 10 years in the music and entertainment industry has participated as a session artist, composer and vocal arranger for different artists in multiple genres as well as films, commercials, TV series etc. Her studies and profession led her from an early age to reside for several years in cities like Vienna and Berlin, being this last one where she immersed herself in the electronic music scene and Club Culture.

Back in Mexico in 2018 she starts DJing in the main underground venues of her hometown Mexico City, which leads her to soon position herself among the national scene. She is also part of a female collective and recently also a record label: WOMXN and WOMXN Records; a strong and solid collective of women dedicated to increase and support female talent behind the decks and which has achieved recognition and support by many institutions, such as Roland, VansChannel66 and Mixmag Mexico.

Coming from different scenes of her hometown, MØND is a storyteller that in each set guides us through a musical journey where she beautifully fusions the musicality of her contemporary musical roots with with the vibrant frequencies of electronics ranging from deep house, organic house, minimal to downtempo, always with the power to transport us into her magical inner world.

As a downtempo and organic house producer she debuted in 2022 under the label Sirin Music, sub-label of the legendary berliner label BAR25 in collaboration with Alberto Hernandez MX (All day I dream), with an EP that earned the support of many artists such as Be Svendsen, Sabo and Robbie Akbal among others.

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