Moon Shadows #16 by Sonnensysteme

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Moon Shadows #16 by SONNENSYSTEME

This month’s full Hunter’s Moon, with it’s ghostly glow, is all about centering your individuality, while emitting passion everywhere you go so that you attract in life whatever your heart desires. Rather than representing selfishness, it is more about ensuring a good relationship with yourself, as your relationships with others are bound to thrive this Libra season.

This full moon, we are delighted that Sonnensysteme from the Station Endlos / slowereastside crews has accepted to be our Moon Shadow. In his mix, he expresses himself fully, as he radiates waves of energy through glitchy slow-tech beats coupled with melodic slow-rave grooves. Enjoy the ride and happy Moon Shadows!

Follow the artist: @diesonnensysteme
Follow his collectives: @station-endlos-halle @slowereastside

Artwork by our favorite Stevebruder @puffpuffsteve

BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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