MuséeCast 002 by ShAnkAri

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The Australian painter John Peter Russell got to know Vincent at Fernand Cormon’s studio. He painted this portrait of his friend in 1886 in a conventional, realistic style. It is clearly influenced by photography, although the face and the hand still show Impressionist touches. The portrait was not so dark originally. Another artist, Archibald Standish Hartrick, met Van Gogh at Russell’s studio. He later recalled: ‘[Russell] had just completed that portrait of him in a striped blue suit.’ You can indeed just make out a few little blue stripes at the lower edge of the painting. Analysis has revealed, moreover, that the words ‘Vincent, in friendship’ were painted in red over Van Gogh’s head. In Hartrick’s view, this was the most accurate portrait of Van Gogh – more realistic than the likenesses done by other artists or any of Vincent’s self-portraits. Van Gogh was very attached to it. Years later, he wrote to Theo: ‘take good care of my portrait by Russell, which means a lot to me.
ShAnkAri walks.

Everyday, wherever this Tiger stands, her paws haunt the ground for long hours.

In Japan, some special rituals are only accessible to ladies born a Tiger year, because, it’s said, only Tiger can walk 1000 steps and come right back to its first position.

“Hand in Hand” is the title of this mix, crafted with much Tiger Love and Energy: Tiger ShAnkAri uses to walk alone, hand in hand with a beloved ghost, partner of her Mary Poppin’s bag kind of infinite Bubble-Matrix she architects… She mixes on a daily basis, as a fundamental part of her rituals – she started to tell her Chronicles in 2014, evolving into different musical spheres (Deep House /// Chillout/Ambient/Progressive Trance /// Trance Upbeat /// Techno) until she started to go Downtempo in 2015, creating the genre she called Ethno Deep, unable to tag properly her mixes. And this is where Tiger ShAnkAri aka AA B. lives since, telling and sharing the Chronicles of her loneliness, flowing mystic in her marvelous desert!

MAGIC MATRIX is the name of one of the podcast series ShAnkAri aka Anne-Aude B., also French Literature and Philosophy teacher, Mom, Gardener, Vesta of Her Temple, created and curates: a fabulous crew of Downtempo m⩓g𝗂c𝗂⩓ns @a-aa75, weekly broadcasted worldwide on @functionfm waves (https://functionfm).

Next to what she works with another Tiger as @planetibiza, curating podcasts, a label, writing, composing videos, and more.

Please enjoy this Hand in Hand walk with ShAnkari, The Purple Tiger! 💜✨

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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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