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Born in Holland in a military family she traveled Europe then landed in the US and found home in Charlotte, NC. Finding EDM at a young age she started listening and engaging in the scene in the 90’s. She works as a Landscape Designer and on her free time produces and creates mixes for a number of guest podcast while also having opening duties for several international headlining acts.

Accomplished DJ/ Producer with 3+ years of experience. Skilled performing in Techno, Tech House, House, Progressive House and Trance. Performing as Natii-Lee as a solo performer and Steely in Steely and Bardez working as a Husband-and-wife duo that blends the Steely beats of techno with the uplifting melodies of trance, which originated in Bardez, India.

Produced Tracks:

Beenoise Records as a Beenoise Artist –

Deepsessions Digital –


Cosmic Gate – January 15th 2021 – QC Social Lounge, Charlotte NC

Performing as Natii-Lee Opening set

Ferry Corsten – October 30th 2021 – QC Social Lounge, Charlotte NC

Performing as Direct Support as Steely and Bardez

Spencer Brown – July 17th 2021 – QC Social Lounge, Charlotte NC

Performing as Direct Support as Steely and Bardez

Andy Hughes – August 13th 2021 – SERJ Night Club, Charlotte NC

Performing as Natii-Lee on Patio B2B with Spectre and Mojo

DJ ICEY – July16th 2021- SERJ Night Club, Charlotte, NC

Performing as Natii-lee on the patio as closer

Beenoise Records Artist: Performed in these Noise Festivals – Beenoise Spring Festival, Beenoise Summer Festival, Beenoise Fall Festival, and Beenoise Women’s Festival also included (4) International Guest Mixes and (3) Beenoise Attack Mixes

QMF – Quarantine Music Festival – Online Festival

Performed in the Festival of Light, Festival of Life and Summer of Love Festivals

March 18th 2020 – Now with over 20k+ members

Resident DJ

March 17th 2019 – Now – Playing at small parties and venues

Podcast and Guest Mixes

(1) Hypnotic Podcast –

(3) Deep Pleasure Music –

(1) We are One Podcast –

(1) Goya Kezd Podcast –

(2) Frequency Underground –

(1) Vibracion Universal Radio –

(2) Dance Evolution Radio –

(1) Metanio Radio Show –

(2) Plant Ibiza –

(1) Electrix Podcast –

(1) Pas-Risky B2B Natii-Lee –

(1) Synth Etiquette Radio –

(1) So What! Radioshow –

(1) Redroom Sessions –

(1) Les Ravens –

(1) Subtek Music / Subtek Radio Show –


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