No bullshit talk with Aka Tony

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Interview by ShAnkAri

Hello Thomas aka-aka-Tony! 😀 Glad to meet you, as the right arm of Mike, founder of PI, as an amazingly productive and creative dj I enjoy, like so many! to listen regularly, but also as an active and engaged member of Humanity, who developed several humanitarian project involving music, and your last one is a major one! DIA DO INDIO!
Celebrated every 19th of April since 1940. Could you tell us more about this tradition ?

The date of April 19 was proposed in 1940 by the continent’s indigenous leaders who participated in the Inter-American Indian Congress held in Mexico.
During this congress, the Inter-American Indian Institute was created, also based in Mexico, with the function of watching over the rights of indigenous peoples in America.
The date April 19 can be considered as a reason to reflect on the cultural values of indigenous peoples and the importance of preserving and respecting their values. The funny thing is that I don’t know that damn much about this tradition.
I came across this important day through the song Curumim Chama Cunhantã Que Eu Vou Contar (aka Todo Dia Era Dia De Índio) by Jorge Ben (my favorite version is by Baby Consuelo, oh la la).
Then, in a weak moment, I had the idea of raising money for the cause of indigenous peoples via a focused podcast campaign on that very day. The idea matured for a few weeks in my head and when it was overripe and almost threatened to fall from the tree, I talked to my music friend Stephan (aka Stelzenläufer), who immediately said that he would like to support the project with Faultierdisko.
Then Heimlich, Casa Caos, Cosmovision, Planet Ibiza, Downtempo Rituals and Amalaya came along.
All established podcast series with a great sense for social issues. Thus, on 4/19/2021 at 12:00 BRT, all these series will release a podcast with indigenous-inspired music and call for donations to a non-profit organization that supports projects in the Amazon. I hope a few donations will come in.

… we always have this question crossing our minds when we send money like that : how will itreach the people we gave for?
How can we be sure it won’t be all eaten by some intermediaryvultures?
What kind of garanties can you give to our audience?

Of course, we do not collect the donations ourselves, but call for donations to a recognized
organization. This organization was recommended to me by friends who come from the UN environment and have a lot to do with the distribution of humanitarian funds. This is the
organization we have chosen.

2020 ending, you also brought to light a heartfelt project to help old people in your country, canyou tell us a few words about how it went?
Did this encourage you to do more, to see bigger?

With the emergence of the first Covid wave in spring 2020, my partner had the idea to have
volunteers write letters to the elderly and isolated by Covid residents of nursing homes.
This to show solidarity and to give the people the feeling that they are not alone. This action therefore does not originate from me, but I support it within the limits of my possibilities. This action was very well received by the public and we could already pass on several thousand letters that reached us to residents of retirement and nursing homes.
It is an example of how much can be achieved with a modest effort.

You are yourself more and more active on the Downtempo Spiritual Deephouse / Organic House, which is mine for long as well : up to you, why does the Electro musical scene evolve towards this peaceful yet groovy pace?
Does it, like I think myself, reflect the latest spiritual evolutions ofMankind?
More aware of their inner space and its unlimited potentialities…
How do you feel your own connexion to Downtempo beats?

Of course, the turn towards Downtempo is influenced by recent developments. Inner peace,
mindfulness and balance are becoming increasingly important in people’s lives. Higher, faster, further is no longer the top maxim of many. Therefore it is only natural that not only hard and fast electronic music is played anymore. Certain clubs and promoters, especially in Berlin and Vienna, have already understood this very well.
Others will certainly still come on it.
Here in Zurich, they just need a little longer for everything, but I am confident that this insight will soon seep into the heads here as well. The younger generation has probably understood this for a long time. Downtempo is just also a form of music to which, everything already experienced, 80 year olds and 5 year olds can dance together. It has something connecting.

So, Downtempo is the new up, right ! Like Radiohead told us 10 years ago! .. Your message to our audience, Thomas, in a few words ?

There’s really nothing wrong with a little ease in life, is there? Therefore, always stay nice and slow
and easy.

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