No Bullshit Talk with Amir Telem

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Interview by SHANKARI

Telem, now located in Israel, has played around the world, at the Burning Man Festival, PEX, SXM, Gratitude Migration, Zulum-Tulum and in other festivals and clubs in New York, Mexico and Israel.
His music can be found on The Soundgarden, 3000Grad, Kindisch, Bar-25, Motek, Pipe & Pochet, Perspectives-Digital, HWML, Camel-Riders.
Moreover, his new creations to be found on Reload Black, Orange and Airborne Black, as part of his new Peak-Time Techno Project, named Amir Telem (BLK) established this year.
Amir also initiated the Deep House Project in Tel-Aviv, where he guided yoga and meditation together with ambient and deep house yoga, to provide holistic healing.

Let’s go straight to the core – You’re a very productive composer, now.  Which labels are you working with or planning to soon ?

My music can be found on The Soundgarden, 3000Grad – a new and exciting EP (Remixes from Lonya and Juliane Wolf) is about to come out in a couple of weeks, Bar-25, Kindisch, Perspectives-Digital, Sound Avenue, Dear-Deer. Camel Riders, HWML and many more.
Also, an EP in Dec on Bull in China Shop with remixes from Matan Caspi and Kamilo Sanclemente. An EP in Jan From the Israeli label Mau-House with remixes of Marc DePulse, Ran Salman & Stephan Addo. An EP in 3rd Avenue in Jan. Later this year, an EP in Kulto with D-Nox’s remix. and many more…
Moreover, I initiated a special project in Sept 2021, named Amir Telem (BLK) – I produce peak time techno and I expect an EP in Reload Black (01.12.21) and Orange later on Dec, This project connects me to my dark side.
Lastly, I am interested in meeting people and helping to enlighten their hearts to the fact that true happiness is inside. I want to help new creators. To teach music lovers the art of DJing and music production.
At the same time, I am interested in continuing the work that was before the Corona period – producing festivals and events that combine music and spirituality.

What’s Music for you ?

Music is a prayer for me. It allows me to find comfort and strength, emotion and power. It allows me to connect with people and love them. When I play and connect with the audience, make them enjoy and get excited – it makes me very excited.
Music is also a place of healing and inner connection. Creating music is where I struggle with my weaknesses and through this struggle I learn to develop within myself qualities like patience, compassion, prayer for grace and help.
Music is an international language and also a language of the heart. There are different frequencies which vibrate different energy centers in the body. Music changes the mindset.

What would you say of the role music should play, and maybe intensify in this world, this so troubled world… ?

I dedicate my life and soul to music. To me, this is a mission in a world that is damaged in it, in my opinion, lacks love, security, trust and compassion for everyone, for man, for life and for the earth. Composing, healing and healing music. I hope that gates will open for me to continue playing around the world and in Israel, to come into contact with different communities and to provide spiritual knowledge from the world of yoga. I learned that meditation is very important. In the yoga literature it is said that the truth and connection to God are deep deep within the heart. 

Amazing! Thank you for this interview, Amir Telem ! We’re gonna keep following your steps with
much interest ! Namaste!

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