No Bullshit Talk with Angélica Möller

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Interview by Mia Lunis

Angélica Möller is a woman of attitude, intense and passionate about music. From an early age, a present figure at the best parties and clubs around the world and festivals such as Burning Man, Dekmantel, DGTL, among others. She debuted as a DJ in 2012, making a school of her experiences and sound references that she accumulated along her journey. She distilled her intense sound journey through several cities, varying by strands without losing the identity. Angélica is a resident DJ at AMATA club in São Paulo, participated in the virtual edition of Burning Man, and has just released her new production signed in partnership with producer Paula Chalup.

You started your trajectory in the São Paulo nightlife as a frequenter of several clubs and festivals, what encouraged you to go to the decks?

I started working in the nightlife when I was 17 years old. I started as a promoter, but shortly after that, I started working from Monday to Sunday as a hostess in various clubs and events in the city. I lived the night intensely at that time, and the invitation to take over the decks came from a friend promoter. It was actually more of a command, as she didn’t take “no” for an answer and insisted I play at her party. I accepted, but I confess that I was scared to death; I had never played before, and facing a crowd was scary. To my relief, everything worked out. Soon, I received invitations to play in clubs and live houses like D.edge, Audio Club, Casa 92… and in less than a year, I signed two residences. Today I don’t see myself doing anything else with my life.

Credit by Brasiliano

As a frequenter and artist, what would you like to change in the festivals you’ve been to?

I believe that what most needs to change is the mindset of those who produce these events. Supposedly 20 years ago, it was difficult to have women in lineups for lack of professionals. Today, despite many female DJs and producers around the globe, the female representation in these big festivals still leaves a lot to be desired. It’s unfortunate!
It is time for this scenario to change. We have a lot of very talented artists who deserve to occupy this space.

You talk to various strands of electronic music, what are your biggest inspirations?

My main influences currently come from producers like Mila Dietrich, Echonomist, Helena Hauff, Trikk… The first two, besides being present in many of my sets, it was with their tracks that I started my live show on the Beatport channel on Twitch. It took 3rd place in The Big Break contest sponsored by Beatport and Pioneer earlier this year.

Credit by Brasiliano

What qualifies a good or bad DJ in your opinion?

Good DJ research, knows his music, brings new sound experiences, knows how to select a harmonious repertoire, and has a track feel…

A lousy DJ plays only for himself and has his repertoire based only on hits, just to please. If it’s to listen to the hit charts, I don’t need to leave the house; when I go to a party, I want to be surprised.

You participated in person in some editions of Burning Man and recorded a set for the festival’s virtual edition, what were your impressions about the virtual edition?

I’ve been attending Burning Man since 2014, and in 2019 I had the opportunity to play in the regional edition of the BM here in Brazil. I was invited to play in 2 camps, and when I got there, I played with everyone who had a party schedule. It was a fantastic experience! In 2020, the event took place virtually for the first time due to the pandemic, and I had the pleasure of participating.

The platforms maintained the principle of co-creation. They faced instability, which made it difficult for many people to access. Still, it was completely understandable given the little time everyone had to develop this virtual world after canceling the edition in Black Rock City.

With a prepared and resourceful team supported by the income from tickets, a universe that allowed participants to interact was created this time. Avatars populated a virtual city replica of the BRC. People traveled by bike through the desert in search of the parties as we actually do there. The broadcasts of the sets could be watched and not on YouTube/Twitch as happened the year before. A much closer simulation of the reality we experience there.

You recently released a new track in collaboration with the producer Paula Chalup, what news can we expect from your work as a producer?

This track came out of our joke and I was very happy when DJ Sound Music, which is a Universal Music label, decided to release it in a compilation with other national producers.

I’ve been using this time since we’re forty to study and I’m already working on new songs, wait for news in 2022.

Credit by Brasiliano

How do you see the return of the global electronic scene after the pandemic?

I see on the small screen that in many countries parties and concerts are already allowed, here in Brazil it seems that we will have the release in November. I am excited! I believe that the trend will be for events to be held in large and open spaces. The public is asking for this, as well as a change in schedules, with a greater focus on parties that take place during the day, also due to pressure from the public who are now used to leaving early and see advantages in this format.

Any words for your audience?

I want to thank you for the invitation and opportunity to talk a little about my trajectory and show my music.

I hope you enjoy the live mix I recorded for you and see you next time!

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