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Interview by MIKE CHROM

AVM is deejay and producer from Brazil with many years of experience in music & podcast production and fashion branding.
Hello Arthur, Welcome to the Planet Ibiza News Portal

Hello Arthur, you are known under the artist name AVM.
What do the letters stand for and why did you choose them?
AVM – Arthur Vieira De Moraes , its just my initials
How did you get into electronic music and when did you start producing music & podcasts?
Since early days when I was living in Brazil back in 1995 when first went to a Goa Psytrannce scene , then listening and partying I started to play with vinyls and cdjs a mates place and get to know more a bit of soundwaves …then from there I never stopped …moved to Australia in 2001 and kept djing till I studied music production in Melbourne – Australia in 2005 for few years and also designing clothing at the same time …after finishing my studies in music production in 2009 I started studied Fashion designing and cut up fabrics btw building up a studio that suited my way of production back in the days I use to produce more of techno/progressive music and fashion at the same time and playing at parties in Australia Melbourne / Sydney …
You are from Brazil but lived in Australia for some time.
What is the difference between the two countries for you?
Music wise I straight away can say that Aussies are heaps more for the love of music than in Brazil …Brazilians even though we have my culture which I love….. here thats is more stuck on the same standard kind of parties and music orientated …but Brazil has my blood and after my experience in travels and touchy natural medicine in 2013 where I traveled pretty much everywhere except Europe and really living the concept of it …
I have become more open to what I call medicine music downtempo/ Shamanism oriented…spending time with which is my mentor till today when I was in Ecuador where I have discovered ayahuasca and there I learned more about myself and my ears became more soft and focused on the nature conscience as for music and fashion …learning who you are and accepting who you are is simply divine .
Australia – lots of work and music lovers – Brazil family and doing what I really love – Music / Fashion .
You started your own fashion label some time ago.
How did you get into it and why?
My brand was written since I was 21 years old but living and working heaps in Australia after getting knowledge and growing as I man I started to produce my designs as in for mates who would like my pieces and eventually asking to make fro them ..but then in 2016 I started to dig into get a dream from the paper to the actual reality …thats when I came to brazil for visiting family and saw the lack of creativity and taste for fashion in Brazil ….2017 my brand was almost set to go out to the market and I packed everything and came back to Brazil…where there is about 280000 million people here and also my fabrics being organic and looking after nature as in general …saving the planet ( doing my part I would say ) I saw I spot and market place for my beloved designs and pieces.
Bless Bless !!!
Which fashion labels have influenced you the most and why?
I have a bit of influenced in different ways from everything and everyone I see doing the same thing as I do ….so I cant really pick one as for music too as long it does touch my eyes and soul I am in learning and studying a lot abut organic/ sustainable/ recycled fabrics ….if there is consciousness and being humans to humans i’ll be close to those in any way and learn from them ….
Which deejays & producers are influencing your music at the moment?
Wow I would say the same thing what I just said above about fashion …for me there is no preferences as long there is groove that match my ears and soul and really touch my heart I am all for it…an example is you bro and Tarun (Kosa Records) and Thomas (Aka Tony/Aka Tapes)as we got so connected being far away from each other but as the same time being so close …thats for me are the best feeling and connections in music …it doesnt matter who you are or where you live or what education each one of us had and have ….as long we are one and humans to humans I will love and give everything I got to fire that up more …
Your favourite music labels are…
I have sent you heaps of favs labels but to mention a few – Kosa , Down, Plurpura, Tropical, Shango, Lump, Deep Bali, Ritual Connective, Octo, Cosmic Vision, Casa Caos…and many more but thats just to name a few …
Your favourite podcast series are…
I am Boho , Raga, We Are One now as this is so what I believe and follow in my daily routine …Hekse is a great lady , the Magical hour which Shankari and I developed for Casa Caos and new Project we are doing too together which is Triple A.
What are your plans for 2021?
Live with so much love in my heart and offering that to everybody with my heart and soul , fashion is my work love and music is love connecting people …loving life to the fullest …and doing my best and learning everyday from others and being a good listener .
Your last words to our readers!
Be you , Love unconditionally everyone and everything alive, never forget that We Are One , Love will always win no matter what happens . Have faith in you …you are GOD !
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