No Bullshit Talk with Felipe Nadeau/El Extravagante

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Hello Felipe, humbled to have the honour to interview you, co-founder of this amazing label, Cosmovision Records! Please introduce yourself to our audience !

Hello dear family, I’m Felipe Nadeau, a 80s kid from the crazy underground music capital of Santiago – Chile. I’ve been a big music digger, also used to be a poet, a follower of surrealism and spirituality as well. More musically speaking, I’m a music producer into multicultural electronic rhythms, also a DJ, vinyl collector and big audio geek (I’m crazy about synths and instruments in general =D). I do a lot of studio work and as many know and do not know, I’m the co-founder and co-director of Cosmovision Records alongside my friend Don Mescal.

How would you define your musical style ?

Initially I used to make Minimal/Deep/Tech-House rhythms as Felipe Nadeau but I moved from Chie to Canada I felt that there was something missing that this music was not giving me the connection with Earth and the ancestral energy that just holding a traditional instrument made by an artisan can give you. Then, with lots of nostalgia and an enormous love I released the first EP of El Extravagante called ¨Patiperro¨ (meaning someone who loves to be in the streets or traveling) The Universe joined forces and the release was made with an awesome group of latin american artists such as Derrok,
Tribilin Sound, Señor Chancho, El Buga, etc… It got so much hype all over the world that I couldn’t believe it! It got played on radios, youtube shows and DJ Sets in Tulum, Berlin, Japan, Spain, etc…

Is it in this context that Cosmovision recs was created ?

Yes ! After that first success I was alone again in the Canadian winter, until I arrived to the fun Montréal where I met a fantastic tribe of artists and new friends including Don Mescal, a French born Montréal based artist who was looking to start a project into these rhythms, then with his knowledge as a DJ, events producer plus social media/PR man, along his European/Canadian DJ/producer friends plus me with my previous experience as producer and label manager for DNW Records in Chile and my Latin American DJ/Producer friends we started Cosmovision Records.
It was a union of different cultures, ideas and sounds, the power triangle between Latin America and Europe, with its base in the unique Montréal in North America. I think it was the first time that people over there in Canada could see a show where we mixed traditional music like Guasa Guarriors live Afro-Colombian instruments plus my own Folktronica/Cumbia grooves alongside pure electronic Downtempo sets by the likes of DJ Khalil, Caterina Infinity or Don Mescal, plus the middle eastern style singing of Swa Swally, or Ultra K and her trippy style plus the local star Oonga with his eclectic grooves.
We all fell in love with that vibe and the audience in Montréal I feel they clicked really well with the multicultural beats we have, but after the ¨pandemic¨ the collective’s events had to stop because of the police, although we kept making gatherings on the edge of the law in parks for example, where people, vaxxed and unvaxxed, could go and have fun and share a smile. Just with one big speaker and Don Mescal or someone else would bring it in a bike and we played until the battery ran out, after that we usually had a bunch of our latin american friends with real drums and all sorts of acoustic instruments to keep the party on, so no electricity needed and the police could not kick us out, lol, also it was a great way to share folklore jam grooves with the more electronic audiences in a very natural way, just like its done in Latin America, for example.

So cool ! We’re so many to have found a smart way to keep living under the radar ! I know you moved in France last year…

Indeed ! In 2021 I had to move out of Canada as things got really bad during the pandemic plus the extreme cold weather, so I ended up in Dijon, France, where I have family and from where I keep working on El Extravagante, Cosmovision Records and other projects. This is a small city in ¨the deep Europe¨ so not much is happening around into these fairly new grooves, but little by little I’m making local events to share with the audience and of course, I try to keep traveling a lot in Europe to discover and share with all the tribes of these multicultural / downtempo / tropical sounds all over.

Are you working on some new projects maybe, in this so quiet little city of Dijon ?

Right now I’m working on a few EPs, quite a few singles and one album to be released next year, as with Cosmovision Records also we have a lot of cool releases and projects coming soon so keep checking them out!

Thank you so much dear Felipe ! Planet Ibiza wishes you the best ! We’re so happy to collaborate with this wonderful Cosmo crew !! Namaste !


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