No Bullshit Talk with Gamma dee Meo

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Interview by SHANKARI

Ġạṁṃȧ ḍėẹ Ṁẹ⚆ ! so happy to have the honour to interview you !
You are surrounded by an aura of mystery, and your dj sets never fail to take us very far, so that my first question can’t be anything but : Ġạṁṃȧ ḍėẹ Ṁẹ⚆ where are you from? And what’s your name IRL?

My name is Orlando and I’ve lived my whole life in little Switzerland between mountains and lakes.

How did you get to start mixing ? Is it an early vocation ?

In 2004 I moved back to eastern Switzerland, far from everything, so that I could find
peace and quiet. I installed myself in the house of a friend who used to travel a lot : I was
alone with only two standard turntables, a mixer and two bulging boxes with vinyl records…
yes.. music from all over the world, hard acid, house, rotterdammer gaba or all in all
Techno… I started to mix unstructured tapes with random tracks on cassettes, then sold
them when I went to visit my friends and acquaintances.. hihi !
Until one day suddenly two records with the bpm coincidentally agreed … ooooh .. i playedthem back and forth and backwards! The interest was real and extraordinarily exciting ! that’s exactly where it happened, the beginning of my long musical history as a dj was born.

No hazard! Beautiful story! And so, what happened then ? You bought some gear ?

I bought a lot of records in various styles as well as a mixer and two mk2 from Technics
and spent a lot of time practicing with them. My style soon changed over time, evolving
towards Goa. With an organization we held many parties and I mixed my music in front of the audience.
After a few years Goa became faster and more kitschy.. no more stories were told that ran through the songs, more and more often only small melodies that were repeated over and over again… I left Goa and didn’t know what to play…
Until one day when, after a cool ambient lounge concert, I started playing Ambient, Lounge, Electronic World, soon followed by Bigbeats, Triphop, Jazz, nu Jazz, Funk, with whom I played at festivals in Switzerland such as Bluebals, Jazz Festival Montreux, Greenfield.

Nice road, taking you through various musical landscapes ! Looks like a professional career!

I was lucky to work for Sony Music at that time.. ooh yes my music world opened up in huge numbers in all musical directions, cd’s, records and promos piled up and filled many racks. I played music from all over the world and from many fields, always with something electronic and back then I enjoyed it !

How did you come to this Slow style, rich, spiritual, ethnic, colorful, soulful! that is yours today?

I already liked to mix traditional non-electronic elements. I also enjoyed small events with Irish folk, medieval music, Balkan style and electro swing – beside these I played Techhouse and Minimal for a while.
Then, five years ago my style of music became increasingly slower and more soulful,
between about 80 to about 110 bpm I now move in the areas of ethno, downtempo, deep house, world music, melodic house, oriental, organic and love soulful, warm, invigorating sunny tracks that tell stories. Despite the slow speed, I often find the Downtempo is very powerful, rich in details and feelings that the pace gives more time and space to develop.
Choirs, overtone chants, melancholy instruments such as oboe, clarinet, violins, hang
drums and the finite often accompany my mixes. Very tight or especially fine I love tracks
with for example bagpipes, jew’s harp, overtone flutes etc. as well as tracks that step out of line (Ingenious Cracked), rhythmic gimmicks or unexpected surprises, arhythmic interludes are great and I like to collect them. In between, it can also play faster tracks, around 120 bpm, but it’s rare.

Orlando, to sum up, how wonderful it is to be a dj ?

It’s so intense to play music and to be able to give feelings and moods to people all over the world ! It’s something very special for me, a privilege. The best reward and at the same time my motivation are the wonderful reactions of the listeners. In addition, it always feels incredibly great to make people dance. I very much hope to be on stage again soon and get goose bumps from the crowd !

You sure will ! And we’re numerous to hope to dance on your vibes then! Thank you verymuch for this conversation!

Ġạṁṃȧ ḍėẹ Ṁẹ⚆ on Soundcloud

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