No Bullshit Talk with Joe Carl

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Interview by MORO

Hi Joe! We’re so thrilled to have you onboard at Planet Ibiza and we’d love to learn more about you! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What describes your life in a nutshell, minus the music?

Haha, the pleasure is mine. Well, most of the time I try to be an optimistic and open-minded person. I am always interested in learning new things or discovering new hobbies.
Recently I started painting but I am quite bad so far

Both as a DJ and producer, you have already released music on incredible labels such as OstEnd, Baikal Nomads and Kollektiv.Liebe. Can you share more with us about your musical journey?

Of course! I play the piano since I am six years old. After some intense classical music education, I stopped taking lessons at the age of 17, after which I started discovering and practicing various other music genres all by myself.
At the same time, I started to be quite fascinated by electronic music and all its many facets and I always dreamed of composing my own melodies. And then after some years of playing semi-successful in several bands and stumbling around in Ableton I started to take things serious in 2019 with producing and releasing my own stuff.

Pre-Covid, what were some of your favorite parties/festivals/clubs, and why?

I really like festivals like “Fusion”, “Bucht der Träumer” or “Zugvögel”. Besides the music I enjoy the open-mindedness, kindness and curiosity of all the people involved.
But I also like to discover festivals which are out of my (down)tech-comfort zone. I was very impressed by the ZNA Gathering in Portugal for example.

Do you think our scene will change post-Covid? If so, what are your thoughts?

Since the fact that many clubs are struggling to keep their gates open, and even more are already broke, I could imagine that there will be some kind of a “pop-up party culture” in which events are going to happen more spontaneously in various locations. In any case, I really hope that we can soon spend our free time again with our beloved ones in beautiful surroundings with great music!

In one sentence, what does music mean to you?

Music puts me in a flight-like state and helps me to deal with problems that life brings with it.

Where do you usually get your inspiration from for your musical stories?

I get them from everywhere. It can be a simple walk outside or a nerve-wracking holiday with the family 😀 Mostly the urge to tell a story comes very suddenly.

We are so delighted that you are premiering our new “Moon Shadows” mixtape series! How would you describe your set in words? Can you share whatever was going on in your mind while creating this mix?

During the track selection I paid more attention to creating the atmosphere of a mystical moonlight rave with diversified sounds without neglecting my own style.


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