No Bullshit Talk with Karolin from The Karismatik Kollektive

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Hello Karolin ! Glad to meet you, founder of The Karismatik Kollektive, this recently born podcast series, broadcasted on Soundcloud and YouTube, which I’ve been honoured to mix and make a video for ! Thank you again ! Yet it’s much more than a simple podcast !!!
But first of all, tell us a bit about yourself !

Hello ShAnkAri ! Yes! So I’m coming from a dancing and modelling background… I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have lived in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Ibiza, Barcelona and now I’m back in Amsterdam, with my Dutch fiancé Patrick. Together, we love traveling and going to events around the world. I am a festival lover, having been to many in my life. I can see myself going to festivals for the rest of my life – even taking our future kids along when they are old enough.

You describe yourself a ”melomaniac” : next to festivals, what does a melomaniac life looks like?

I am an avid music lover – I listen to music 80% of my day. I love finding new tracks and undiscovered talent. I haven’t yet learned to play any instruments, but I am learning the art of DJ’ing. I have done it a few times at friends parties. We bought CDJs for our home so I will start practicing and learning more.

Are you attracted by production maybe?

Yes ! I have released one track with one of the Karismatik Kollektive members, Shahab. He produced the track called Mindkraft, featuring my vocals. I will be working on more vocal contributions to upcoming tracks from other artists.

So now, let’s open The Karismatik Kollektive secret backdoor !
What’s the concept behind?

With my musical network growing, the idea to start a booking agency grew and grew. Suddenly, 2020 hit and the world stood still. At the time I was living in Barcelona, where the lockdown restrictions were very strict. I was unsure of when the world would open back up, but I had hope.
Being stuck inside my apartment for a few months, I followed my heart and got to work.
At that time, I did not pursue the original intended direction of The Karismatik agency, but instead I was following a deeper calling. I wanted to give hope to artists, to inspire them to keep going with their chosen craft. I did not want artists to lose their drive and momentum.
I wanted to inspire them to keep going, by spreading optimism, and sharing news of some wonderful events and projects that were still occurring during those dark pandemic days.
Parts of the world were indeed re-opening and closing again at different times as the virus spread, receded, and spread again. I was doing research to discover which events were occurring during those open moments. Kerry Burns and Yabbie Ho were writing the articles with me, while Lauren King designed the visual layout of the newsletter and created the Karismatik logo.

… and The Karismatik Kollektive was born ! Brilliant !

In this way, yes, The Karismatik Konnektion was born ! A free music & art-based newsletter. Every few weeks, subscribers enjoy articles, short films, and tracks from The Karismatik kicks playlists on Spotify. With the growth of the mailing list, we opened our social media channels – Instagram and Facebook. Here we also promote upcoming parties, and afterwards share video footages taken by Patrick during the events.

And then, the Soundcloud podcast appeared ?

Absolutely! It’s Shahab, another member of The Kollektive, who had the idea to start an electronic music podcast. We began producing weekly episodes on The Karismatik Podkast channel on SoundCloud, featuring guest mixes from some of our favorite artists. The genre of music range from organic downtempo to melodic house and techno. The Podcast episodes can also be found on our YouTube channel, with even more platforms becoming available soon.

Amazing! Some more projects maybe?

Now we are in the process of furthering the brand by creating a record label and booking agency – Karismatik Rekords and Karismatik Bookings, respeceully. We will host the first Karismatik event this summer in Amsterdam. Look out for the details in the next issue of The Karismatik Konnektion!

So cool! I wish you and your team all the best !
Full support from Planet Ibiza ! Much Love, dear Karolin !


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