No Bullshit Talk with Leep

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Interview by SHANKARI

Hello Filipe, aka Leep! You’re the new member of this wonderful team we make at Planet Ibiza : feel highly welcome! It’s Thomas who recruited you, and we will soon know what you both brew, in the shadow for now ! But before you lift up the veil on it for us, we wanna get to know you a bit better! Can you tell us about your musical path – when did music started to play a major role in your life? And how did you get to mix?

Firstly I would like to say thanks for the interview Anne, as well as thank you to Thomas for reaching out. It’s a pleasure to be a part of the Planet Ibiza crew. I have always enjoyed music. It’s been one of the things that has always made me happy and been by my side. From a young age I grew up listening to a lot of music, and fell in love with all kinds of genres. At the age of 10 I started messing around with djing apps which led me to play at school socials and house parties. That’s where I grew a passion for music and made it my happy place, since then I haven’t looked back..

10 yo wow! Amazing ! Such an early vocation! Sooo, let’s come to the heart of this conversation : what are the specificities of the African scene, a scene we’re not so familiar with, but most of all tell us a bit about what you’re working on with Thomas!

Personally speaking I think the South African scene is made up of commercial music, hip-hop, some techno and electronic to name a few.. Afro Tech is increasingly growing and becoming more popular but I still do not think our electronic scene competes with the overseas countries. I myself have been running events and podcasts strictly focusing on an all about the music based culture as well as trying to push the downtempo, deep ethnic, desert and melodic sound here in South Africa which is not that big. I have seen that the downtempo/electronic culture is quite big in African countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. These countries will definitely be involved in Adventures Across Africa.

Adventures Across Africa.. Sounds like a trip starting yeeeesss!!!!

Adventures Across Africa is a new channel myself and Thomas will be running on Planet Ibiza. Focusing on African based artists living in and around Africa. One mix will be released every three months starting in October. We hope that this new unique African label and the guest artists perception and interpretation of African sounds will blow away the audience !

A few more words, Filipe… next to music, what drives you? You developed your clothes brand – like Arthur – tell us more! That’s exciting too!

Yes I started my music related clothing brand called Leepclothing in 2018 to spread love and awareness for the rave and music culture in South Africa. You can check it out
I also enjoy to organize events in very different landscapes, in nature, outdoor. Spending time with friends and family, aswell as gaming is also quite fun…

A personal little message to your audience ?

Follow your dreams, passion and happiness.
Believe in yourself.
Dont give up.

Thank you Filipe! Glad to meet you, and welcome in the team! I’m happy to work with you from now on!

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