No Bullshit Talk with Mandruvá

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Directly involved with Brazil’ social and environmental causes, at this point the educator and biologist Murillo Faleiros is no longer producing music as a spare time activity. In his musical expression the Brazilian DJ and producer mandruvá carries a ubiquitous baggage; with tenseness, introspection and a psychedelic touch, freewheeling dense and obscure music/selection. For him, music has a very strong and individual subjective potential, it is feeling, it is healing, relief and comfort.

Would you tell us a bit more about how you start your project “Mandruvá”?

I have been directly involved with music since 2004, when I started to study the guitar. I have always been passionate about music and what it caused me, so I grew up and developed influenced by several and diverse musical styles. In the middle of 2009, I discovered electronic music and its diversity, also starting to get involved with parties and festivals, some of them organized by me and other friends.
In this movement, I ventured into mixing, which narrowed my relationship with the dancefloor, thus giving rise to my project that I named: mandruvá. I could feel that other people were also directly involved with music and what it has to offer. So, with the studies I had previously and new ones about the production programs, I started my own productions in late 2017, both with my own songs, and also started my other project called Pérola Branca.

You are directly involved with social and environmental causes, tell us a bit more when and how it started for you.

When I entered university, I entered the Forest Engineering course. In it I had the opportunity to get to know the student movement and social movements in Brazil, both environmental and political in general, which captivated me a lot. In this process and involvement with these movements, I found out what I really liked and what I wanted for myself, and so I ended up changing course and graduating in Biological Sciences, where I actually found myself, teaching.
As an educator, I see the transformative potential for a fairer society with less preconception and a critical view of the situation we are in. While I was active in the movements for social and environmental causes, I learned that only by fighting and resisting can we reach a society that we aim for.

How does your involvement with social causes reflect on your music productions?

Environmental and biological issues are present in my productions, both in elements that I incorporate during the track, as well as in names, concepts and references, since I really like an organic proposal together with electronic syntheses. In the Edits, I choose songs that deal with visions and ideas that agree with mine, environmentally and socially speaking, whether they are about cultural resistance, about native peoples, about ethnicities or even hope for a more loving society.

Which recent musical developments inspire you to create your journey through your sets?

I have always been very eclectic and I think it’s always a mystery what I’m going to play on sets, or even at parties, which makes a complex research with infinite possibilities. It depends a lot on the invitation, understanding who the label or channel is, what my moment is and the message I want to convey to that context. But the fact is that I am very captivated and always have a tendency to produce / play more obscure, aggressive music with a touch of psychedelic trance. The so-called “of darkness”. I like to awaken that in people.

How do you see the music scene post covid?

Honestly, I think that we will only have some care initially, but then everything will be as it was, talking about parties and festivals. It is a sector that revolves a lot, has a lot of people involved and that grows more and more every day. And yet, many people are already crazy at home thinking about the possibility of a face-to-face festival, with live music and the connection between people. But this should all be done slowly, not least because countries are not synchronized in their work to fight the virus, so this may cause some future obstacles, even in a “post” time. Many countries have already returned occasional activities at parties, which can be a picture of hope, and may return even sooner than I expect.

Speaking of Brazil, the country where I live, I think it very unlikely, but it may be that there is greater unity between nuclei, parties and that this will make the scene in general become stronger and stronger. At least it is something I wish for the future and I really don’t feel it happening today.

What would you say to the artists that are starting their music career now?

First of all, don’t give up if it’s really something that motivates and captivates you. May you do it with love, with a purpose and with determination, because it is not easy and there are a lot of people involved, trying to stand out. You have to make your contacts, show and publicize your work, believe in your potential and not be discouraged when taking “no” on the walk, this is more normal than you think. The music is huge and diverse, it has space for all those who are willing to give themselves up and make it happen!

A few words to your audience…

I always appreciate the invitation and the space of people / groups that give me a space to express myself and show a little of what I develop with music. I am very grateful for the support and encouragement of my family and several friends, in person or virtual, who are by my side and strengthening me so that I can continue to realize this dream with electronic music. I hope you like my work, both in productions and on sets, I really like what I do and I always want to pass it on!

I made a special set for the Planet Ibiza invitation, it has some authorial tracks and one of them unreleased.

Take care. Feel the sound!




BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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