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International Dj & MUSIC Producer more than 15 years active worldwide – Marga Sol, plays in Ibiza/Spain (Cafe Del Mar, Tantra Bar, Villa Mercedes, Good Life, B12 Gallery & Club, Sea Soul Beach Club, Ibiza Global Radio), Mexico, Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands, Italy, Greece (Santorini, Mykonos, Halkidiki), Hungary (Balaton Festival), Budapest (Clubs & Bars), Balaton Lake, Romania, Albania (Tirana, Porto Palermo, Himare), Macedonia…

Hello Marga. You have been a successful deejay and producer for many years now. Please,   tell us how your career has started.

I’ve been making music since I was 5 years old, when I received my first small Yamaha synthesizer as a birthday present. From that moment on, the synthesizer became my favorite toy, later making music my favorite hobby, and today my main profession.

At the age of 13 I started taking private piano lessons, but because of financial reasons my classes stopped after a few months. It was one of the saddest times of my life. I remember the feeling of depression I had to deal with at that age. It was as if my hands had been cut off. The Love for the piano never died down. So over the next few years I received as a gift from my grandfather a larger Yamaha synthesizer with which I could record music in a more complex way. I remember like yesterday, I ran everywhere through the mall where the Yamaha store was, and I burst into joy and happiness in tears, telling to myself “I will play again, I will create again”. Happiness returned into my heart.

Not only did I enjoy creating my own compositions, I also enjoyed arranging how that composition sounded. I failed to enroll in a music academy due to a lack of a basic music education degree, but in 2003 I was able to graduate from a private school for music production and recording. With this degree I continued to work in the same school and biggest studio as an assistant for recording, arranging, mixing and mastering where I learned a lot.

At that time there was no availability to learn literally anything like today with one opening of Youtube. So for everything I wanted to learn I had to buy books from Amazon for production, recording, tips and news. I started working with Cubase, and later moved to Ableton.

I worked as a graphic designer for at least 10 hours a day in order to raise money to buy а car, equipment and a studio. I kept all the money, I did not spend on clothes, I did not go out often with my friends, except at big parties or quality concerts. I bought CDs and listened to a lot of music. In time, I was able to buy basic equipment to start producing my own music.

The first album I created was called “Beat of the Old Bazar”, I sent it to 5 record labels that I found online and I got an answer from three. One of them was “Oasis Productions” from Canada who answered me immediately interested in investing in my album and printing thousands of CDs. I was overjoyed. From here, many record labels found out about my music, signed lot of contracts with smaller and larger publishers, including Sony, Universal, Emi Music, etc. My career started through beautiful moments but also big obstacles, until the moment when I decided in 2013 to open my label M-Sol Records.

My DJ career started in 2005. I remember the decision I made at a big festival in my city where Roger Sanchez performed. Stuck in the crowd, I danced to the point of unconsciousness, I felt the adrenaline that Roger conveyed with the music, the energy, the rhythm and mixing … Then he played the track “God is a Dj” by Faithless. At that very moment I thought to myself: “wow who knows what it feels like to be up there and to feel like God above all the people down in the audience, what it’s like to communicate with all of them through music, when we all raise our hands in the air, when you feel goosebumps on your skin, when that feeling of enormous love is born in the hall, in the club, when we all connect as one … through sounds and rhythm. Yes, then I made the decision, I must work as a DJ, I want to feel that feeling!

I started performing by the recommendation in small bars, cafes, then clubs, then festivals. I remember when I collected the first 1600 euros from my work as a designer and DJ, and I bought my own new Pioneer CdJ 800 and a mixer Pioneer 400. The feeling of happiness and excitement … I will never forget it!

My name started to spread by word from mouth to mouth, I even reached Mexico, the Caribbean, Miami, Ibiza, Mykonos … and I still work and perform all over the world with the same passion and excitement.

You are the manager of several great labels
Why did you start the labels ? And tell us a little bit about it

I went through very difficult times with a publisher who tried to steal my name, released my music without my permission, forged my signatures, fake contracts, and sold my music to agencies signed under his wife name. I started in this business very naively, as an artist who only wanted to create music. I did not care much how much money I earn and all the administration, didn’t have knowledge about rights, I cared about the reaction of the listeners, the opinion, the releases, the music. Approaching so naively, thinking I have a publisher who takes care of my music and I just have to create, there were a lot of things happening in the background that I didn’t know about and that I found out later by accident. Horrors followed, with an attempt to destroy me as a name, as an artist by him, blocking me on social networks and shops with fake documents. I took out a big loan and decided to fight to get my name back, to prove my validity as a composer and artist, and I decided to never depend on any publisher again. Then In 2013 I opened my label M-Sol Records (Musica del Sol Records, Music of The Sun, or Marga Sol Records … everything is connected with the Sun, positive energy, positive thinking, positive music, Music of the Sunsets).

After 3 years long processes with lawyers, I proved my validity, I returned to social networks with new pages and accounts, new energy and enthusiasm and continued to create. I believed that the truth would come to the surface and so it happened. He is still trying to release my music under different names, but luckily the whole background system on audio recognition is becoming more strained, so we submit often requests to block him on the digital stores nad streaming services.

I decided to focus more on myself and my music, my label and my projects. I realized there will always be little mice that will want to bite the big cheese, so I am grateful for this experience, I learned a lot about rights, copyrights, how to run a label, how to protect myself and others. The purpose of my label is to help and release music of many well-known and lesser-known artists, supporting, promoting and publishing quality music to the world, music where people can associate with, music that inspires, relaxes or uplift your mod.

We try to work as transparent as possible with the artists trying to make them feel respected for their work. Everything that is contrary to my bad experience. I know what it is like to be an artist, not to be paid for what you have earned, even if it is one cent, I know what it is like to be manipulated, I wish that no one experiences what I went through. That’s why we have so many artists that have been working with for many years and new ones are coming all the time. That’s why we also have more record labels specialized in a particular genre, including M-Sol DEEP, Chill ‘N Chill Records, Urban Orange Music and Tibetania Records.

I am very proud of our record labels, of the whole team we work with so hard, with great passion and grateful to all artists who are part of our story, also many part of our family. I am a person who wants to create, compile compilations, albums, dj mixes, I decide about the art, the way how music or artist should be presented. In this case I am the leader, but I always believe in team success, a good idea and a positive attitude!

What are your plans for your labels in 2022 (and beyond)?

We continue with the great work, we have many new releases, always new music to show to the people, new artists to present. We are focusing more on “Tibetania Records” (the new label we opened last year) in collaboration with the music selector Salvo Migliorini where he is included in the team as well. The label is specialized in publishing Organic House, Ethnic Deep House and World Oriental music.
The label is moving upwards, more artists are coming, and we have releases planned until August. Teamwork and good organization always bring the greatest results, when everyone works with the same goal and mutual respect. I think the artsits and the music lovers can feel that!

What do you prefer more. Playing live or producing music?

I prefer producing music, but I love performing and djing as well. I believe that the process of creation is much more complex, much greater knowledge and skills are required. Much more time and dedication.

Why should producers send their demos to you? What makes your labels unique?

The goal is to promote quality music, but also to support new artists who are ready to present themselves through their original music. We work on promotion, creative presentation of their music on social networks. We dedicate ourselves to the way the music presentation looks, we invest in the artistic part, because we believe no quality product will attract attention if it is not packaged in a nice way as it deserves, in beautiful packaging according to what it contains!

By sending promos to radios and presenters all over the world, we try to support the artist by also playing his music on events, performances, radio shows. We include it in several editions and compilations, all in order to reach more listeners from various sources and channels. We always send reports on their work and try to work as transparently as we can, so that the artist feels respected, protected and carefree when it comes to rights, technical elements, administration, earning statistics, and to be creative and persistent in his work.

But today requires the involvement of the artist in promoting his work, because after all, he is the one that the audience should follow. The record label is important part of the chain, helping to promote the music, publishing and distributing it to all music stores, covering all the background administration and work behind the scenes. Helps in promotion and presentation, but the whole process requires teamwork including the artist himself, and so better results come by!

Since the worldwide pandemic, the deejays and artists are suffering extremely for not being able to play live. In only a few countries it is possible under strict conditions. How do you see the situation and how do you think it changes the electronic music scene?

Yes, the pandemic did its thing in a negative way for the djs. Many became frustrated and had to change their jobs to survive. But the positive way of looking is that during the pandemic they could focus more on producing music, on themselves, on learning new skills. The pandemic has made us turn to ourselves, to realize the true essence of life, true values and what actually makes us happy. With the easing of restrictions lately, parties are back, DJs on stage, audiences are growing, nightlife is coming to life again. Everything passes with time, we just need to learn how to deal with it at the moment, to accept it and adopt. New things are coming by

As far as we know you also played in Ibiza
What do you think about Ibiza as it was and how it has changed?

Yes, Ibiza has definitely changed from what it was. Ibiza was a notion of a place for day and night parties, but also a gathering place for artists, musicians, painters. A place where Chillout аnd Lounge music was born, a place where the biggest and highest quality DJs and artists performed. Moved to, something different, in many places full of drugs, alcohol, promoting the misconception that Ibiza is a place where you will come and have fun for days in a state of unconscious on pills with crazy behavior. In recent years, a campaign has been launched to restore Ibiza’s old name and value, to stay the place for quality music, a place for unforgettable parties but also a place for families. I am glad that the quality sound of Chillout and House Music is maintained, positioned to certain locations and bars, while the rest of the island is intended for enjoyment and relaxation, through its natural beauty, beaches, luxury beach bars and beautiful Spanish villages.

What are your plans for the future as a deejay?

My astrological sign is Gemini, so I naturally carry two sides – Chillout and Deep House music is music that I create directly from the soul. It represents my cheerful and easy-going character, I love to enjoy life, I love the beach, sunset, waves, palm trees, calm energy. For me, Chillout music is luxury music, music with emotion, for relaxation, but also inspiration.

While at my performances at festivals and big clubs, you can see me in another version as well, my other energetic side, playing Melodic Deep, Organic to Progressive and Tech-House Music. In those moments my other half of Gemini is activated, I love the adrenaline and the rhythm of life. I love when I connect with an entire audience and all our hearts beat in the same rhythm, the rhythm I set, but they inspire me. I often say, in my performances I have a constant conversation with the audience 🙂 I have something to say, I want to surprise you but I also follow your reaction, and the goal is to bring you to a moment of liberation, an endless smile in a stage of strong love energy and connection.

So May is full of high notes, I am definitely very happy to be booked at several locations in Hungary, beach bars and festivals this summer as well. In May we are shooting a special video for Balatonica Radio with which I have a monthly radio show “Balearic Waves with Marga Sol”. I will have a special sunset DJ set at “Mala Garden”, Siófok and perform at the “Dj in the Vineyard” festival. I will be based the beginning of June in Ibiza, performing in Café del Mar and few other beach bars. I will be on few festivals until September, including huge one in September playing along Miss Monique. Lot of events in Clubs and Bars around Europe are planned during the Summer.

Thank you Marga for the very interesting interview!
What else would you like to share with our audience?

I am working on a new album for this summer, with totally new material. After the huge success of the joint songs we made this year and last year, we are working on a new song with Digby Jones (famous Cafe del Mar artist). We plan to release it this summer.

There will be a new release with a special chillout remix by Gary B for the song “Say No More” which gained great popularity with the original version.

April 29 comes out the new album “Levitation 2” that I co-produced with my partner and collaborator Darles Flow.

I am also working on a lot of new House Music singles that will be released in the meantime. New compilations coming out on M-Sol Records and ethno-deep singles on Tibetania Records as well. So yeah, lot of work and many news J I would wish to everyone to try and focus on doing what makes them most happy in Life, because we have one life to live (that we know about J), respect the others more, help as much as you can and keep on going… Just live, listen good music and laugh more

*TRADEMARK “Marga Sol” registered worldwide / All Rights reserved

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