No bullshit talk with Mia Lunis

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Interview by MIKE CHROM

Mia Lunis is a deejay and producer from Brazil with many years of experience in music & podcast production and international stage performances.
Hello Mia, Welcome to Planet Ibiza News Portal

When and how did you get into electronic music?

• I am connected to all genres in music since I was a child, but in 2012 I had the chance to dive deeper in the electronic scene in São Paulo when I started to participate of parties like Voodoohop, Carlos Capslock among others, this parties was playing mostly downtempo, I felt completely in love with electronic music and the whole atmosphere created on that parties, in 2014 I founded Sonido Trópico which was a collective uniting artists from Brazil while we connecting artists from abroad, I am a Dj since 2004, but for sure this is how I could connect truly and deeply with this genre

You are born and actually living in Brazil. Tell me a bit about the brasilian music scene and what is the difference to other places?

I think we had our golden age with more freedom to organize our music scene around 2015 until 2017, afterwards it became extremely hard for the promoters and event organizers to keep this dream alive, mainly politics in Brazil has influenced this bad moment that we are living until now but I am hoping for better times to come.

You visited Berlin in Germany in the past. Tell me about your Berlin experience and what you were doing there…

• I was invited to play at Fusion Festival in 2019, it was one of the greatest moments of my career, to be invited to this “dream festival” I organized a 4 months tour through Europe around the date of the festival so I had the chance to visit some other cities, but Berlin is by far my favorite, I had the chance to play at Katerblau, Beate Uwe, also played at Katzensprung Festival, At.Tension Festival… It was amazing to have this opportunity to show my music to a completely different kind of audience, I felt embraced by the city, by the people. It was a great life and music experience.

Corona hit in early 2020 the planet and shut down the entire entertainment industry. How has this affected you privately and as a deejay/producer?

• It affects me completely not just as dj, but how I am seeing the world right now and how I am planning my life ahead. I was planning my second tour and planning to move to Europe for six months. I had 14 gigs confirmed and more to be announced at that time, everything ready to go and enjoy my new life and then BOOM! Pandemic! It feels like an explosion, but it made me think and rebuild my path with more perspective, I started to look closer to my health, to my family and loved ones, to my career, I am focused on producing my music and working from home completely safely and with a clear mind to start all over again.

Where do you think the music industry will be going or changing in the next few years?

• I think that after this pandemic period at least some artists will be finding other ways to keep bringing music to people’s lives which is not just parties or festivals, same thing will happen to parties and festivals creating another ways to growing as a community in general, I hope that music platforms to become aware of how badly they are paying artists for creating contents for them to get the minimum of visibility, as we know this for a while that artists and festivals depends mainly on how things were before the pandemic hits us to survive in the music industry, we are depending of this change to keep our work done and I truly hope this change for the better soon. Also I am seeing small artists finally having the chance to get their music heard on streamings and to emerge to a great audience which I think is a positive aspect of this new path.

What is most important to you in your mixes/productions? What do you focus on in detail?

• It depends on my mood, what I am researching in music and what I want to express in the moment, I tend to create a conversation when I am playing to an audience in a club or festival, same thing when I record a set for a label, so for example when I am in the soft mood I tend to play tracks full of harmony and delicate instruments like strings, violins, voices and when the mood is full of energy I tend to bring a lot of drums, percussion as a Brazilian touch and other references that I have. The detail is to gather all this and to create a traveling through time and space kind of vibe.

Your goals in 2021 are?

• My goals for now is to launch my EP Caterpillar by Mau House records, to focus on my partnership with Pitaya Rec, to work closer with the artists to build World Citizen my agency and to keep working with you guys which was one of the greatest news for starting 2021.

Thank you very much for the very interesting interview
Finally, a few words from you to our audience !

• Stay safe, stay strong and I hope we can see eachother very soon

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