No Bullshit Talk with Mondocane

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Hello Andrea. Tell us a little bit about your start in the electronic music scene and how you got into producing music.

Hello, I’ve been a musician for more then twenty years now, playing and touring with different live bands. At some point I started djing in a radio station, since that moment I fell in love with the interaction between world and tribal music on one side and urban beats and electronic music on the other side. In the past two years I started producing my own stuff.

You are from Italy. How is the music scene in Italy? What has changed in the italian music scene in the last years?

Beside the local mainstream scene, there is always new interesting things to be found in the underground. In the last years there has been a constant movement from rock and electric to electronics, I guess this is common almost everywhere at the moment. It seems like electronics is looking for organic textures and dirtiness to warm its soul, and that’s what I look for and like the most when earing new records and releases.

Just over a year ago the corona virus hit the world. Especially Italy was in our median with enormous problems in the health system. All events and gatherings are closed until today. How do you see the development for the events in the next years?

My hope is for the majority of the people to realize how much music was missed in these hard times. Music means social gathering, sure, but also artistic expression, and visions, and language, and it’s about harmonies and coexistance. I hope a new music culture will grow here in Italy compared to the past. I know I’m not the only one to pretend from the governaments more focus on education and art, and support for artistic activities. We need it to heal from this alienating times caused by the health emergency.

Your ep will be released on Cosmovision Records at the beginning of May.
Tell me more about the making of the ep and the collaboration with the label.

I’ve started to speak with Cosmovision Records a couple of years ago, when I was working on a duo project called Jungla EST together with a friend dj and producer. I kept in contact with them and we decided to release together this concept album I was working on. I’ve been deeply inspired by some books of Italian botanist Stefano Mancuso, and it felt natural to dedícate every track to a plant. Every plant has a story behind. Travel has been always a big passion for me, and discovering how much plants traveled the world and keep doing it is really amazing. They are absolutely the first ever travellers on this planet.

What are your goals in 2021/22 as a music producer and artist?

I’m always looking forward and producing new stuff, the hard thing in electronic music I believe is to shape the sounds to turn them into something similar to what you have in your mind. Translating your tastes and emotions is not only a matter of technique but a sort of a magic alchemy. I hope to achieve what I ear in mind, and then bring it out to the people. I can’t live without live performances.

5 Q&A:

What are your 3 favourite producers and why?

This is hard, there are so many  I will try…
Dreems. Is so unpredictable and organic
Red Axes. They bring me in outern space
Alien Alien. Local but global. Awesome

What are your 3 favourite labels and why?

Beside Cosmovision of course
Multi Culti. It gives me perspective.
Amselcom. I like how they combine deep and yet bright sounds
Feines Tier. Work hard, party harder.

Your favourite social media platform and why?

Social and music it’s all about marketing right now. It’s ok, but I don’t have a favourite.

Your favourite music genre and why?

World music in all its declinations, from roots to future sounds. This is what drives me the most. Traveling with my ears.

Producing music. During the day or at night?

In my experience inspiration has no clock. I’ve found myself producing, composing, writing in every second of the day.

Thank you for the warm and very interesting interview.

Your last words to our audience!

Thank you and all the readers, I hope to dive in the sound and loose ourselves together dancing one day soon. bigLove. Andrea

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