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Interview by LEEP

Mula is a french electronic music performer and producer who played hypnotic downtempo and house set influenced by deep instrumental world music. Spotted by Sol Selectas few years ago, he Reached top100 beatport often and his tracks are played on the world stage by many important artists like Oliver Koketzki, Nick warren, Sabo, Timboletti, Mollono Bass, Amani (Desert Dwellers), Tunnelvisions, Anatolian session, Landikhan and many more…

Tell us about your musical path – when and how did music start to play a major role in your life?

At the very beginning, it started with group of friends hit by rave party scene in the early 2000, few years later, I started to play 160 bpm live set with computer and mouse at our party. Since 4 years, after my first release on Sol Selectas records (Summer Sol II), I decided to kick my ass to finally bring my passion to life with my Mula’s project, help with another project called « Boom Tchak Tour » : a mobile music crazy crew of friends who bring small festive scene in festival !

What are some of your favourite festivals/parties that you have played at?

Hadra Festival (which is the biggest psychedelic trance festival in France) and « Chateau Perché Festival» (FR). I had the opportunity to play at Isis Garden Festival this summer, in south of France. It was the second edition, but the vibes was already amazing, i am grateful to be invited by such a great & friendly organiser.

Can you tell us your thoughts on the music culture in your country with relevance to your sound?

About « Downtempo & tribal » scene, I can tell that’s really shy in France (only special festival during the summer play this kind of music), but since 2, 3 years it is increasingly recognized. Indeed, with other French producer of music called « downtempo / organic house », we start to know each other and organise party together, it’s really exciting ! Few names : O’tawa crew ( Kaöb, Whakan, Ismetra…), Watt the fox, Sahale… And peoples from Toulouse city : Karmaâ, Max tenrom, Bamdara, Hajna … (hello everybody!)

What can we expect from you in the near/future any exciting projects?

I gonna work with instrumentalists for production, increase my live Act performance, make some tour out of France, and continue to produce and make remix in downtempo or « Deep House ».

How would you describe your mix for I am Boho?

It’s pretty much the same tracklist I played for event called « Torii Boga sanctuary » in Paris end of September ! It’s made for Dancefloor… so, let’s push up the volume and dance!!!

Thank you for gifting us your time and amazing music! Much love

My pleasure

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