No Bullshit Talk with Narcisse(Mex)

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Hello Narcisse(Mex), so happy to meet you ! You’re up to me one of the most promising composers nowadays, I love your groove, your deep inner sense of harmony, and each single track of yours is totally magical! So now we wanna know where does Narcisse(Mex) comes from, musically, which paths did you follow to reach this level of quality?

My musical path started when I was 12 and a friend of my family forgot his guitar in our home, the next day I started playing with it. Time passed and I became a huge fan of AC/ DC, I learned most of the lead guitar in their songs. Years later in 2010 I started getting my first hints of music production when I wanted to do Rammstein covers, so I got a keyboard and started to learn about how synthesisers work and how to sample and the mapping of sounds into the midi, some time later probably between 2013 – 2014 I made a revision of a rap beat that I really liked but I felt like it was lacking some sub frequencies so I made my own version of It, and I didn’t get into it anymore…

You make me even more curious!! From Rammstein, AC/DC to …… Deep DownTempo!
How did you step from Hard Rock to the blissful musical realm that’s now yours?

During those years I started getting music recommendations by the algorithm like Hraach and Nu, but i couldn’t share it with people that I knew because it wasn’t the mainstream music that we were exposed to, so I started to get deep into organic and downtempo without knowing the huge world that was behind it.

ahahah I know this feeling!

And so, one day when I was into a long flight I start making another revision of a song called “back for more” and from there Narcisse(Mex) was born !

Wonderful! A few more words.. Music means lots to all of us, what does it mean to you, Narcisse(Mex), what do you put into your sublime music?

I have been experimenting with the music I like and I would like to hear, but also express topics that I’m concerned about, or feelings that I have felt, and I want to recreate them by making it tangible, and feeling them again without getting stuck in the past. It’s the only way that I have found to encapsulate very specific feelings and bring them into the physical world on demand.

”encapsulate feelings and bring them into the physical world on demand” : amazing definition, yes, certainly!
Thank you so much my dear Narcisse(Mx) for this interview, but most of all who are and what you do ! I feel so blessed to collab’ with you regularly! Namaste!

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