No bullshit talk with Salguero

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Interview by AKA TONY

How long have you been on the scene as an artist and what prompted you to start your career?

* I started my project as Salguero more than 3 years ago and my wife was a key factor for me to decide to release the music I was making at that time, and it turns out that a lot people liked what I did.

Based on your own learning curve as an artist, what advice would you give to someone who is at the very beginning of its  career?

* Don’t rush. It’s not a race or a competition, learn everything you can and experiment a lot with different genres and styles. Focus on developing your own sound instead of trying to copy others.

Which is your heart’s project that you want to realize in the near or distant future?

* I would really love to get more involved in sound healing and learn all about healing frequencies and chants and incorporate that to my music to create a sonic journey where healing is involved at the same time as dancing.

No bullshit talk with Salguero
Which musical development in the past couple of months has impressed you the most?

* Definitely what I have learned about mixing my own tracks in the studio to give my music more clarity and punch.

And last but not least, which other artist should one keep a close eye on in the near future and why?

* This is a tough one since I admire a lot of nice producers, but I would definitely say Antaares is the one we all should keep our eye on this year. He’s a clear example of hard work, dedication and love for what you do, without mentioning his awesome productions skills to create amazing songs.

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