No Bullshit Talk with Sarah-Mo & Amunik

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Hellooooo dear Sarah-Mo & Amunik! We’re so excited to have you both onboard for the 3rd episode of Moon Shadows at Planet Ibiza. Thanks so much for creating this mix!
Can you please tell us about jour musical journeys? All we know is that Sarah Mo has been part of the amazing Heimlich crew for a while now, and that Amunik was previously part of the great Aphrodelics band. Can you tell us more? We also hear is that you two LOVE to play together, correct?

Our musical journey started more than one year ago at the famous club Flex in vienna, where we both were booked for the garden opening hosted by our dear friend´s event series called Bunkermukke which includes music, art & performance. Also, although we both knew this guy very well, we never had met before. After a few minutes we realized that we had similiar musical preferences. After the event we ended up at Sarah Mo´s second living room; the art space of the visual art team 4 your eye, where also Amunik was already friend of…the rest is the combination of melodic slow tech combined with afro house and organic beats we both stand for….

After I heard about your adventures in the mountains of Vienna, I guess have to ask you about the magic happening up there! 😀 Enlighten us please!

We spend a lot of time on a property up on the wine yards of Vienna on three levels on the hill with a view 360 degrees all over the city and it‘s surroundings, the Danube river and the hills. There we also have a small old pool house, transformed into a small party location the so called „bergheim“ Mountain home:)where we were able to have some events with covid tests & great soundsystem also during the pandemic. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to be in such a wonderful place during the lockdown.

Life without many gigs must of course be hard. What do you miss most about parties/festivals and what do you look forward to the most in post-pandemic life?

During the pandemic there was suddenly no more events and gigs, but we didn´t let that stop us from playing music, aranging sets and beeing creative anyway. We also had the chance to play for several online art exibitions at a stream platform and released many podcasts. We don´t know what we would have done without art  – it was more important than ever and all the beautiful tracks we collected since the last months will find their home in the future events we are already planning now with covid concepts.

Finally, how would you describe your Moon Shadows set in words? What feelings did you have while creating this mix and where did your inspiration come from?

Since we both play together, the sets became more organic and more downtempo again…our feelings are reflected by the sound as we are both very empathic and sensual caracters and as we both love to chill the podcasts also do. inspired by the last full moon nights regarding the name moonshadows we had lots of fun and also luckily pleasant neighbours while recording this.

Thanks so much for your time, guys! It has been a pleasure getting to know both of you! We look forward to meeting each other on the dancefloor soon.

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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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