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Interview by MIA LUNIS

1 – It’s a pleasure to have this chance to connect with you, so talking about connection can you tell a bit about your story with the name ShAnkAri and how does it relate to your music and your Spirituality ?
How do you practice your spirituality in your everyday life and with your music?

Yes Me too, I’m so happy to meet you – to become part of this team to spread more music, good
vibes, positive energy!!! 😀

2 – So, ShAnkAri !! Why this name?

– Shankari – The capital A’s stand for my usual name, Anne-Aude.
True story : facebook AI’s pick!!! 😀
Result of a test based on my fcb datas – Test was ”what’s your Spiritual name?”
Description coming with was so accurate, for those who know my intense
spiritual aura, making me the special teacher I am next to the dj you know better, that I immediately changed my dj name – formerly The AmAteur – which means the Music LOVER – and not only the Beginner

Spirituality… it’s a complete way of life… I can’t distinguish moments when I would ”practice” and moments when I wouldn’t… And so, music is my spiritual language – it’s the language of LOVE – the ultimate ”building blocks” to quote my friend Kosa!!! Also my air – my food… Since my early childhood.

3 – You have a project with AVM called TripleA. Can you tell a bit more about it?

Clearly a turning point on my dj road yessss!!!! And definitely not hazardous! First I noticed him soon after I came back on Soundcloud : exact same kind of mixing, tunes selection, short edits also!! Contacted him and we soon decided to launch TripleA – for Anne-Aude&Arthur – AⱯA – a personal blink to Vin Diesel I have kind of a stupid teen crush on ahah! TripleX!!!! 😀
The idea is clearly to mix live together! Post-COVID… if there’s a post-COVID and not a Venusian variant ahah!! 😀
For now, we mix each one on our side and I mix our parts together after we’re done : it’s amazing how it ALWAYS fits perfectly! We clearly have one of a musical connection! And the same vibrant, flowing, energy! Astrologically, Arthur is a Leo, ascendant Leo : makes him super SOLAR, beaming 24/7!
His Chinese Monkey of Metal makes him very ambitious, full of dreams he gives himself the means to achieve! Me, Capricorn ascendant Pisces, BUT Tiger of Wood in Chinese Astrology, making me able to face his Lion, I come to balance positively all this FIRE!!! Makes TripleA a vivid and highly interesting experience! <333

4 – I could see that you work well on visuals, in everything you work on; how does this visuals represent your identity as you don’t rely on pictures of yourself?

Interesting question ! Since indeed I think ShAnkAri’ID is partly a visual one – I’ve got my special
way of selecting my covers, always Surreal, dreamy, gorgeous colors, sensitive, feminine – on
Soundcloud – based on the title of the set – itself inspired by the tracklist, and all put together, from one set to another, and I’m pretty productive, it progressively drew the lines of ShAnkAri’s face..
Leaving Soundcloud in 2017 for YouTube made this process reach a new level.
Identity, you know… is such a lie !! Not to mention that, if I was to accept the concept of ”identity”, I certainly wouldn’t associate mine to my physical aspect first… To be honest, Mia, you’re a woman too, and you probably have to struggle like we all do, not to be FIRST considered as a (gorgeous/attractive) body.
My country, France, is especially high on Patriarchy, and it’s really uneasy to be a woman here. When you walk in the street, when you go the movies, when you wanna dance and go to a club, when you run errands, when you feel like eating something alone in a little restaurant, when you take the sub, when you go to work, when you’re at work etc etc.
As a dj, I’ve refused all the invitations I’ve gotten to go mix live because of this dimension… I
didn’t want to have to deal with this each time…

5 – You have a channel on youtube, can you talk about this side of your creative process?

It all comes from the Dreamer – Capital D, yes, I am! As a kid, and even as a teen, I could dream
during hours on Surreal artworks – or simply evocative ones, pleasing me… I used to invent stories
around.. As a Literature teacher, it’s something I would have loved to make my students practice,
but they are a bit too old for this kind of exercice..
That’s how, in 2017, I suddenly wondered : what
if I tried to go further than a simple super inspiring cover? What if I tried to develop this side?
I’ve been groping for 2 years… Before developing my vision! Now I’m looking for partnerships
with visual artists – there’s a starting collaboration with Ongunko, the dj, also totally into this kind
of inspirational visuals I love,
I can’t add a word on it for now, but we’re workin’ on it! ;))
My point is to invite people let their own story merge out of their watching/listening/meditating
process…….. I would be so glad to have feedback about their stories!!!!! – the equivalent of my
students papers ahah!! 😀
( )

6 – You created a podcast series called “The Magical Hour” can you describe it for us?

This too is totally a milestone yes!!! I’ve been 100% focused on what I did during the last 6 years, rarely listening to other dj’s, after having been an INTENSE listener and follower from 2012 to the day I bought my first decks, August 2014 ending ; but when I came back on Soundcloud, I opened myself to others’music, ”logically” met AVM and discovered that this music we’ve been pretty few to play at first – by the time there was just Lump recs to host it – then Kosa came, who started in 2017 – now doesn’t stop growing, spreading – new labels mushrooming every month! TripleA hesitates to create his label as well, to spread our very style of music, super Downtempo/Medicinal – highly spiritual – a path of meditation – of inner diving, driving straight to the stars…
Exactly what Universe pushes Human Beings to, lately : back to our inner caves, back to our Feminine side, after 3000 years of Male energy leading the world.
This is the Aquarius Era installing itself.
And it would be sad not to realize the COVID is a tool in Universe’s Sacred hands to help us all! Of course, it requires to take much DISTANCE to consider the large picture, but I think it’s more and more obvious! I love the times we live!!! So exciting! To see how people evolve FAST!!! And so YES!!!
Music plays its role in this process!!! And we’re here to serve It!
So, that’s the spirit of my podcast, The Magical Hour : SHARE/SPREAD LOVE – through the
DEEPNESS of Musical rhythms – Magical rhythms taking people down to their inner sacred cave – where their male energy meets their female one – and be an active member of this growing musical community – discover new talents and air them.
Add to this Casa Caos ! Major label – and friend! – driven by the exact same spirit! I’ve been stoked by the request of a podcast to be aired on FunctionFM exactly at the same time I was shaping my podcast!!!
No coincidence of course : things happening right time! Synchronicity. One of my fav concepts and words :))

7 – Do your 2 children participate actively in your creations in visuals and music?

They’re part of my Bubble, their very presence by my side is an energy that drives me! My elder son is himself gifted – on the visual side especially – but no, he doesn’t interfere in my work – The second one is closer to me in music : he loves to listen !
Cute anecdote : if there are a few upbeat Trance sessions on line by me, it’s thanks to him who had a crush on a Trance piece I had played in a Psychill session – in the middle of the set ZEN GARDEN, I remember clearly the scene in the car ahah!!
His EYES suddenly filled with stars!!! ”wow mom THIS ROCKS!!!” – and the next night, I brewed for him my very first Trance Upbeat session! CALIFORNIA DREAMING 😀 <3
I hope at some point they get involved and it becomes a family thing!!!

8 – A few words to your audience


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  1. Interesting read, you have a great vision of your work! Stay tuned , spread all this good music 🙂

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