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Interview by SHANKARI

Kosa Records Biography
ॐ//om -The great primordial sound, the original sound from which the universe was created, the sound of all sounds together. According to Hindu metaphysics everything is made of sounds (vibrations), since everything is sound, healing through it, is an ancient ritual, as sound is not only heard through our ears but vibrates within every cell of our bodies.
kosha (Sanskrit कोश, IAST: kośa), usually rendered “sheath”, the covering of the Atman, or Self.
kośa is a soundsmith, the alter ego of Tarun Jakhodia, he brings you a flavour of a mix of downtempo, acid house, minimal//deep-tech ranging from 80 to 120 bpm, electronic yet organic tunes, deep hypnotic meditative grooves and solid kicks infused with Indian, Arabic and other Ethnic influences which we beautifully term ‘spiritual deeptech’ a genre coined by kośa, rooted in the deepest part of India’s underground scene.
We consumed too much music and it started to leak and this is when kośa evolved into a record label in January 2019 with the release of their first various artists compilation Mīmāṃsā, though the real beginnings were with our Podcast series the raga saga where in we showcase an hour of beautiful music from our favorite artists from around the world.
33% of all proceeds are donated to Mountain Village Foundation that aims at educating the underprivileged women and children in the northern parts of India.


– Tarun hi, I’m so happy to meet you, major dj running this major label in my musical field, the Spiritual Deep Tech, Kosa Records! A label you created in? and why?
Tell us all more about the layers of meaning this project is made of!
– Sound has always been the core – of my life – of Universe – rhythm you know? it’s all about rhythm. Feeling it. Following it. That’s how, all naturally, I consumed too much good music and there are so many amazing artists that none had heard of and I wanted a platform where they could be heard a project where artists got together, unheard names come together. I think Jota Karloza and Andj have been a big inspiration. Their respective labels Lump and Deep Bali have inspired me along with so many others. My passion for compilations is also something that must be credited, I love getting artists from all around the world together and making a story around the differences and getting them together. Making it all ONE
– Amazing! Kosa Recordss, it’s 12,6k followers by now on Soundcloud, growing everyday!
It’s very interesting to see how this kind of music you produce and spread gets more and more audience, how wide this family turns! So many dj’s playin’ it so many people gathering to share this Organic kind of vibes..
What does this kind of music talk to, in human beings, up to you?
What part(s) of you vibrate(s) to those waves?
What do you wanna give people access to through it?
– It’s all about LOVE.
I want to give people access to tunes and beating hearts unheard of. T
here is sooooo much music out there and I am so glad to be siting right in the center of everything at this point I receive request from such beautiful artists and I feel humbled to have become this talent for fresh talent, earlier I used to have been on the look out and now Beauty comes to me and this has been so satisfying to feel haha….probably the truest I can get about this is said….

– World evolves faster than it may seem and music plays a role in this reconfiguration – music has to play a role! Arts in general, as vectors of Love, the essential Energy beings will never lack of. What kind of perspective do you see for you, your label, in the next months?
We all expect Kosa recs to launch its festival for instance!
– I am a very go with the flow kind of person I NEVER PLAN haha and I have annoyed some artists by prolonging their releases and I am sorry about this eheh but that’s simply how my art works it just flows as it feels…
So, I dont plan anything, not my taste, not my releases, nothing…It’s all about the FLOW 😉 so even for what we want to release…to be honest I DONT KNOW!
– Beyond music, you’re extremely involved in another project… can you tell us a few words about this App you develop?
– Oh yes very interesting you ask me this 😛
hehe yes its my dream project… The corona situation gave me extra time to work on my dream project something I have been wanting to work on for over 4 years and it has just happened some how…a place where people can come together from near your locality… You have something to offer? Need something? Use the power of people NEAR YOU! With you bro 🙂

– …Basically Tarun… Connecting people!!
That’s what you do, through your music, your label, your App soon! – Beyond all those creative activities, that must take you so much time! what’s your life made of? How much of a merrymaker are you?!! And on the contrary, what are your quiet times made of? With your so lovely dog!
Hahha you know all about my life…I love spending time with my dog of course, I am a very morning person…came to realise this just now, while my conversation with you, Shankari, haha…peaceful as it is in the morning… Just to do some yoga… lift some weights after or something so I love to sweat it out haha… then spending time with family which mostly consists of mom and dad is wonderful and then I love my greens… Thats mostly all about my little life.
– Your message to the world, in one sentence?
– Lets have a good time.
– Thank you Tarun for this wonderful moment with you! ❤
– Love back to Planet Ibiza…in the past year we have supported each other soooo much and i totally cherish that and hope this goes on foreverrrrr…this whole Soundcloud community is EPIC! The best social network out there….just that they need to do something about their mobile app 😛 being an app designer it gets to me how bad it is!!
Hahah but so many things are awesome <333
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