No Bullshit Talk with Temple Tears

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Interview by Moro

Hello Grégori, we’re super excited to have you onboard at Planet Ibiza for only our 2nd Moon Shadows episode! To start learning more about you, let’s immediately dive into the first question we have for you: Where was the DJ name Temple Tears inspired from?

I was at Burning Man in 2014. My friends and I decided that we would visit the Temple all by ourselves, not as a group. When I went there, I felt a tsunami of mixed emotions. After I came out, I just cried like a child for 30 mins non-stop. It was powerful even though I couldn’t explain it. After I came back home, I wanted to start a new music project and this came to my mind.

You recently released the amazing “Mangrove” EP on Kater Blau’s Kiosk ID label, but before that also released on incredible labels such as Akumandra, Crepite and LOKD. You seem to have done this in an impressive short time frame! Can you tell us a little bit more about your musical journey?

Well, I used to have another alias for 12 years. I toured a lot around the World and I also graduated as a sound engineer back in the days. That was a totally different music genre I produced (still electronic). I wasn’t happy anymore. Then I met new friends who introduced me to Downtempo. I also had a great attraction for Progressive, Techno. So in the middle of all this new world alongside Electronica and Organic House I started to listen to a load of new music. Then I guess my brain kind of mixed my old style with this new music. Et voilà !

In your view, are we getting close to the end of this dark, seemingly endless covid tunnel? What will that mean for the party scene and what do you look forward to the most?

Not sure if I am the best person to talk about it, but I can see a bright future where people will acknowledge the fact that partying together is precious and I hope that the electronic music scene will be part of our cure to this bad time. I see more upcoming names, people will be hungry for new music, but also maybe new way of partying. I hope there will be more solidarity within each and every scenes in the World. I also believe many talented people created music during that year, and that new genres will blow up.

Can you tell us a little bit about your life in Paris, minus the music? I believe you’re a very passionate PSG supporter, right? What other things are you passionate about?

I love Paris, but during that year of covid it felt like we had the bad sides without the good sides. Because Paris is a lot about that terrace way of life, enjoying good wine outdoor with your friends. Making new ones. It’s a very romantic city in many ways. I am also a PSG supporter haha, so let’s hope we will win this year. I also ride 2 vintage motorcycles, I do yoga and take a theater class. I’m avid of Culture as well, so movies/art galleries are my jam.

If you could give 1 golden recommendation for the beginner DJs or producers out there, what would that be?

Try not to be a copycat. You probably like an artist because he has something different. So embrace it. Be yourself ! Also don’t listen too much about people and their opinion about what you do. If you enjoy it and do it with all your heart, then it doesn’t matter if you are not a top end DJ, because you’ll be happy of what you do. Pressure is a bitch! And also WORK, WORK, WORK ! Nobody woke up being a production genius (well there are a few of them). But all the others worked hours, day & night without counting. Everybody can produce music or DJ if you truly believe in what you do and if you take your time to build your skills.

Last but not least, how would you describe your Moon Shadows set in words? Can you share whatever was going on in your mind while creating this mix?

Well, I wanted to make an evolving set that would describe what I love(d) about going to clubs. Almost like I did my own warmup, peak time and closing. Changing the energy in a set is something I’ve always done. In one word, I would say it’s a wave. This mix is something I would play in a club, condensed in one hour. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

Thanks so much for your time, Grégori! It has been a pleasure getting to know you!

Thanks for having me!

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