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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion

Nugi‘s sets tell stories, each and every time a different one. Catching the vibe of the dancefloor, he’s creating unique journeys with his diversified sets of electronic dance music.
As a kid he started playing the drums and got a natural feeling of rhythm quite early in his life. No wonder that his sound is often percussion influenced and driving.
When a schoolmate introduced him to his turntables in 2008, Nugi was hooked right away. Ever since then he’s collecting a wide variety of electronic music, always open for new discoveries and developments in his own style of sounds.
In his homemade mixtapes he spends a lot of time for storytelling, often combining it with field recordings and ambient sounds to create a special atmosphere.
When playing live, he loves to completely improvise his sets. Surrendering to the moment, Nugi seeks to create a connective symbiosis with the crowd.



BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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