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Tulum and San Francisco based DJ Tashi Pamo is OONA X. It’s been said that what there is to say about Tashi could only be truly captured in the pages of a great novel. In the interest of time and space, perhaps it is sufficient to say she is an enigma wrapped in a mystery.

What we know for sure is the buzz is building about her as an emerging DJ and her sets are getting noticed for her ability to move a dance floor through the depths of a broad range of deep, emotional grooves she expresses through an exquisite, cross-cultural eclectic selection of tracks weaved through multiple genres. And like the story of her life, she views each of the tracks in her crate as having a unique character, each with its own story to tell.

Recognizing the opportunity and commitment required to cultivate her DJ skills into a creative art form, she is a voracious crate digger, always adding to her track collection, honing her mixing skills, and constantly evolving her sets, musical style, and ear, and performance style on stage.

Tashi is studying to become an architect, but in the not-so-distant past, she was an Event Producer and Production Manager where she draws upon her skills from prior careers as an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Navy and Software Engineer for successful startups, working quietly behind the scenes to help organize the complex logistics behind large-scale productions for Opulent Temple at Burning Man and San Francisco events like Masquerotica, Phantasm: Halloween at the Armory, Dusk to Dawn, New Bohemia New Year’s Eve at the San Francisco Armory and San Francisco Mint and beyond.

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