Pedro Mercado talking about our Planet Ibiza Music label in his interview with Tanzgemeinschaft

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Chrom Recordings is an Ibiza-based electronic music label with roots in Austria & Belgium, founded in 2017 by Mike Chrom (creator & owner of Planet Ibiza) and DJ/Producer Pedro Mercado (known from his releases/remixes on Parquet, Kling Klong, Dear Deer, Proton, Natura Viva, Deeperfect, Smiley Fingers, Beatfreak,…).

Both label founders have together more than 40 years of experience in the global electronic music scene and during the Ibiza summer of 2016 they came up with the idea to finally also start their own label according to their common musical philosophy which is ranging from deep-house over deep-tech to melodic techno.

So, Chrom Recordings was born to build a quality platform & home base for new or like-minded passionate production talents from all over the world who fit the Ibiza Spirit of the label, focused on the melodic sound which can be heard in party cities such as Amsterdam & Berlin. Of course established producers and/or close friends with the same
music taste are more than welcome to the label.

We had a chat with co-label owner Pedro Mercado about his Chrom Recordings and much more. Check it out below.

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Hey Pedro, Hope all is well?

All good, and thank you for this interview!

Glad the world is open and the music can be played again for a crowd?

Of course, happy and relieved. Although I remain a bit careful. I really hope this pandemic is over for good now, but let’s see what will happen after the summer… . During the pandemic, I had planned a few nice DJ tours but they all got cancelled over and over again because the situation went up and down all the time, so I’ve become a bit cautious in planning too far ahead these days…

Read the full Interview on Tanzgemeinschaft

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