Peggy Deluxe

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Peggy had a pioneer role, as she was the first female DJ in her country Luxembourg, starting to work as DJ in 1991.

From 1991 until 1993 Peggy was Resident DJ in a few clubs / dancing cafรฉs in Luxembourg, still playing all kinds of music.

From 1994 on, she only played electronic music and was resident DJ at various clubs in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and played at many parties/clubs in Luxembourg and neighboring countries.

After having a break of more than 10 years, 2019 she decided to come back and follow her passion again under the name “Peggy Deluxe”

In 2020 she started live-streaming, mainly on Facebook and Youtube.

Her main styles nowadays are Organic, Melodic and Progressive House.
In her peaceful mood she is into Downtempo / Ethno.

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